Merger Announcement

Our CEO, Angel Jones, is delighted to announce the official merger of our two separate companies, Homecoming Revolution and InbyEX, to form one company: HomecomingEX. This means that under one... read more →

8 Best Paying Jobs in Africa

Despite the pandemic effects and ongoing changes in various sectors of the African economy, there are still high-paying occupations on the continent. With multiple careers and professions in demand, knowing... read more →

WEF Top Skills for 2025

The WEF's The Future of Jobs Report 2020 forecasts a vastly different workforce from that of a year ago. The projected top 10 skills to develop and attract to your... read more →

Tap into our Global Network for Top Talent

Traditional talent acquisition methods alone are no longer effective in meeting fast-changing recruiting needs in today’s highly competitive workplace. The skills companies require today will likely be completely different in... read more →

Fairlady Feature

Homecoming Revolution CEO Angel Jones spoke to Fairlady about the midlife crisis that turned her NPO into a moneymaking business, the firm’s headhunting work across Sub-Saharan Africa and why many... read more →

Top 50 Female Founders

Homecoming Revolution CEO Angel Jones was listed as one of Thriving.Network’s Top 50 Female Founders for 2019. Thriving.Network is a leading digital platform for entrepreneurs.   Read more here.  ... read more →

Africa’s Retail Skills Shortage

In Sub-Saharan Africa’s fast moving and highly competitive consumer market, the importance of hiring the right talent remains critical to the success of retailers. This was among the key insights... read more →

Our network WILL work for you

The significance of having a global network is something that is often overlooked. Against a backdrop of an increasingly competitive battle for talent, a strong network is a critical tool... read more →

5 reasons why cheaper is more Expensive

When recruiting for a role that requires team leadership, business development and strategic innovation, it’s highly recommended that you choose the right candidate versus the cheapest. Very often, these quality... read more →

Homecoming Revolution on 702

Homecoming Revolution CEO Angel Jones speaks to 702's Azania Mosaka about how Homecoming is headhunting top African talent back home to South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.  To date we've worked... read more →

We need to get personal

Purpose and meaning are key determining factors for executives when weighing up the pros and cons of a career opportunity.  Which is why it is critical for an employer brand to... read more →

5 Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2017

Homecoming Revolution, the executive recruitment firm for global Africans looks at the 5 key recruitment trends that are expected to influence the industry this year. Performance Appraisals Reinvented In a... read more →

Do the Job to Get the Job

Capital is not scarce in Africa - it’s Talent. And as much as the continent is investing in education, we can’t train people fast enough. We need senior skills NOW.... read more →

The Legacy Project

Angel Jones I CEO and Founder of Homecoming Revolution. African, Mother, Wife and Believer Devoting her time and energy into bringing back the talents and skills of African people back... read more →

Why Creativity is Crucial

“It’s all about Unboxed Thinking,” says Faye Tessendorf, Director at Homecoming Revolution. Creativity will be one of the top 3 skills required by 2020. With the avalanche of new products,... read more →

Featured Article in Wits Review

WitsReview, the magazine for alumni and friends of the University of the Witwatersrand featured Homecoming Revolution in their August 2016 edition.

Brexit – Let this be a Lesson

Angel Jones weighs in on how Britain's vote to leave the EU could impact Africans at home and abroad.  I woke up earlier than usual on Friday morning with a strange premonition.... read more →

Thabo Mbeki’s Speed Meet Jozi Speech

REMARKS OF THE PATRON OF THE TMF, THABO MBEKI, AT THE “SPEED MEET AFRICA” HOMECOMING REVOLUTION: JOHANNESBURG, 14 AUGUST, 2015. Programme director, Leaders of the Homecoming Revolution, Distinguished participants: Our... read more →

Madiba immortalised through art

Artist: Aleta Michaletos Title: 'God Bless Madiba' Artist: Minky Stapleton Title: Madiba we love you Artist: Minky Stapleton Title: Madiba Barbershop Artist: Peter Sibanda Title: Nelson Mandela`s image. Artist: Lorne... read more →

Is Africa fit for Fintech?

Despite the challenging global outlook, the pandemic has created new opportunities in the African Fintech sector due to a renewed focus on cashless payments and digital identification methods that avoid... read more →

September Top Talent

Please get in touch if you are interested in recruiting any of the following candidates: South African EE Female – Marketing Director – FMCG Nigerian Male – Customer Project Manager... read more →

Think twice

The below letter by South African expat Karen Saltz was Fairlady Magazine's winning letter for September.  Twenty-six years ago, before the internet age, I emigrated to Canada with my family.... read more →

Homecoming Trends Report 2019

On Wednesday 22nd May 2019 Homecoming Revolution, the “Brain Gain” headhunting firm for Africa, hosted a VIP Cocktail event at the Saxon Hotel where insights from the Homecoming Trends Report... read more →

Homecoming Revolution on kykNet

Homecoming Revolution Managing Director Faye Tessendorf spoke to popular South African Afrikaans-language television channel, kykNet, about the importance of South Africans gaining global experience abroad and bringing this expertise home.

Homecoming Revolution on CNBC Africa

  Homecoming Revolution CEO Angel Jones speaks to CNBC Africa on the continent's 'brain gain' and the key reasons skilled professionals are making the decision to return home.  

Top Talent Feature – Eddie Ndopu

For any South African company that is serious about transformation, diversity and inclusion – you cannot ignore this message. Eddie is a black, physically disabled Oxford-educated South African with a... read more →

ENCA interviews Homecoming Revolution

Our CEO joined Enca’s Moneyline to discuss Homecoming Revolution's Pan-African recruitment activities across Africa and why it's so critical to get talented professionals back to Africa

Do it on Purpose

By Angel Jones, CEO of Homecoming Revolution. If we spend 57% of our waking time at work, shouldn’t we make sure that our career is reflecting the best version of... read more →

#HeartAfrica pulls emotional strings

The below article on Homecoming Revolution's exciting #heartAfrica campaign was posted on Brand South Africa's Media Club South Africa website  Africans who have lived abroad are not only returning to the... read more →

Brain drain reversal

The Star - Workplace published the story about the Homecoming Revolution London expo which took place weekend 15 - 16 March at the Olympia Conference Center, London. Read the story... read more →

South Africans return from abroad

South Africans are not returning in droves from living abroad, nor are returning emigrants necessarily bringing with them the type of intellectual and financial capital that the country needs. This... read more →

Africa’s sons & daughters

Homecoming Revolution is featured in the December edition of Sawubona Magazine: The African Homecoming Revolution believes Africa deserves to get its skills back and is calling Africans home from the... read more →