Dec 07

Tap into our Global Network for Top Talent

Traditional talent acquisition methods alone are no longer effective in meeting fast-changing recruiting needs in today’s highly competitive workplace. The skills companies require today will likely be completely different in the next 3 to 5 years. This shift in is driving changes in the way that Executive Search firms and Human Resources professionals are approaching talent acquisition.

Faye Tessendorf, Managing Director at Homecoming Revolution, says the executive search firm has incorporate innovative and creative talent attraction strategies into their traditional search strategies when seeking scarce-skill senior talent.

“We’re finding that in this candidate scarce market, traditional recruitment methods rarely work. At Homecoming Revolution, we use the strength of our almost 40, 000 strong global network to connect employers with hard-to-reach individuals.”

She says 65% of the organisation’s executive placements are via its global network.

“These deep networks, which span several industries and locations, together with our expert industry knowledge, and unique approach to executive search, ensure we’re able to match senior talent to the right employers.”

Faye says as businesses prepare to future-proof themselves in the face of a rapidly evolving workplace, they will need leaders who not only execute their ideas and vision, but who aren’t afraid to promote change and question the status quo.

“We adopt an individualized approach to each brief, taking the time to understand a client’s business, and then headhunting candidates based on not only their hard skillsets, but on their adaptability, as well as  ability to communicate, problem-solve and lead.”

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