Unrivalled Network

No other Executive Search firm has the massive database of senior globally experienced Africans that we do.  Our African diaspora relationships are unmatched, as are those with executives across the continent.

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Local & Global Search

We search both locally AND globally with every role we work on. No other Executive Search firm has the massive database of senior globally experienced Africans that we do.

Unique Hourly Offerings

No other Executive Search firm gives you instant access to top executives in whatever capacity you need them, be it for an hour, a day, or a regular weekly meeting.

Flat Fees

Unlike other firms, we don’t work on a percentage of the candidate’s Cost To Company. Instead, we charge flat upfront engagement fees and flat placement rates, so the process is easy, transparent and predictable.

Fast Turnaround

With us, you’ll get your final long list of candidates within 3 weeks.  This doesn’t mean that we compromise on the quality, it simply means that we understand the market enough to bring you the best of what’s available in a shorter space of time.

Bespoke Talent Events

Unlike others in the industry, we create unique talent gatherings. To date we’ve hosted over 65 talent events and made face-to-face contact with thousands of African candidates.  Our VIP talent dinners are tailored specially to each employer’s requirements and are hosted all over the world.

Independent & Flexible

There’s no “big brother” bearing down on us, which makes us nimble and adaptable to the changing talent landscape. We can make quick decisions and truly partner with you on what works.

Female Owned

We are majority owned and run by women.  We like to think this means we are better at “high touch” interactions with candidates and clients.  After all, business in Africa is all about relationships, relationships, relationships.

Unique EVP Understanding

We have strong marketing expertise and can match the Employer Value Proposition with the right candidate’s personal brand.

Passion for Africa

Our brand was inspired by Mandela and driven by our undeterred belief in building Africa’s prosperity with African expertise.  You may have seen our #heartAfrica icon, which has been circulating at events for almost two decades.