HomecomingEx is Africa’s leading executive search company offering permanent, part-time and hourly roles.

We specialise in the recruitment of experienced pan-African professionals.  We search for roles from middle management level up to C-Suite.  We look for full time professionals, as well as for part-time in interim and fractional positions and specialists for hourly roles. This could include the search for a full time CFO, a part time Board Director or the brain of a sector specialist for an hour.

We only work with global African professionals – those who are still abroad, those who have already returned home, and those who have a global outlook.

We recruit across a multitude of industries including, but not exclusively: Financial Services, FMCG, Telecoms, Media & Technology, Retail, Management Consulting, Fintech, Commerce & Industry, Public Sector, Construction and Logistics.

We also have clients who are senior professionals at investment funds, multi-nationals and non-profits. They are significant decision makers who may need on-the-ground knowledge of the African landscape, without requiring a full time exec role.

If you are a decision-maker for African expansion or an HR director looking for talent that you can recruit for the short term or need to borrow the brain of an expert, then this service offering will help you to find the right people to take on an interim role or advise you with what is happening on the ground.

You can reach brief us on what you need or email info@homecomingex.com. Our team of expert talent recruiters will discuss your requirements with you. We will then email you our terms and conditions for signature. We will have agreed on the upfront fee, which will need to be paid before the assignment begins. Once the assignment is underway you will have one key point of contact throughout the process.

This can be anything from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the assignment, scarcity of skill and agreement between both parties.

No. Diaspora talent is just one of our core focus areas. We place many top candidates who are back on the continent.

Show up a few minutes early. Find a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions. Dress professionally and avoid bright colours. Have a pen and notepad ready to jot down questions/thoughts. Place your phone on silent mode. Look into the camera. Ensure your internet connection is stable. Check that your computer’s audio is working. Test your computer’s webcam. Close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications. Try to use the video camera throughout the meeting, but if the connection is bad, switch to audio only. Don’t eat during the meeting. When listening, nod and smile to show you are engaged. Use hand gestures when appropriate.

As an executive search company we work on briefs from our clients. We do not find jobs for candidates.  However, if you would like to upload your information to put on to our database, please complete here. Please note that your CV will go through an approval process, before it is logged on our database.