Nov 30

5 reasons why cheaper is more Expensive

When recruiting for a role that requires team leadership, business development and strategic innovation, it’s highly recommended that you choose the right candidate versus the cheapest.

Very often, these quality candidates are those with global experience.  At Homecoming Revolution, headhunting for globally experienced Africans often comes with a higher price tag.

“Their skillset is scarce on the continent and we are thus seeing companies forking out a premium to bring these candidates home.  A globally experienced hire will deliver valuable business results that makes them far more affordable in the long-run,” comments Faye Tessendorf, Director at Homecoming Revolution.

Reasons why cheaper is more expensive:

  1. Higher cost of onboarding
  2. An exhausted, low-morale team if they have to pick up the slack for the non-performing hire
  3. Learning and development is expensive but time-consuming
  4. Precious opportunities are wasted from tackling the wrong problem
  5. Firing a candidate involves a lengthy and laborious process. And then you’re back to square one again with expensive hiring costs all over again!