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Before you check out for the holiday season, have a quick peek at our great talent on the market and the exciting career opportunities across the continent with top employers.

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5 reasons why Cheaper is more Expensive
When recruiting for a role that requires team leadership, business development and strategic innovation, it’s highly recommended that you choose the right candidate versus the cheapest.

Very often, these quality candidates are those with global experience. At Homecoming Revolution, headhunting for global experienced Africans often comes with a higher price tag.

“Their skillset is scarce on the continent and we are thus seeing companies forking out a premium to bring these candidates home. A globally experienced hire will deliver valuable business results that makes them far more affordable in the long-run,” comments Faye Tessendorf, Director at Homecoming Revolution.

Reasons why cheaper is more expensive:

  1. Higher cost of onboarding
  2. An exhausted, low-morale team if they have to pick up the slack for the non-performing hire
  3. Learning and development is expensive but time-consuming
  4. Precious opportunities are wasted from tackling the wrong problem
  5. Firing a candidate involves a lengthy and laborious process. And then you’re back to square one with expensive hiring costs all over again!
Executives on the Move: Generator & Plant Hire COO

Anthony Sibanda is thriving in his role as Chief Operating Officer of Generator and Plant Hire, one of the market leaders in South Africa in emergency power generation.

The core focus of his role is on day-to-day running of the business and operational responsibilities and efficiencies.

Anthony says he has always enjoyed being part of initiatives that deliver value through problem-solving. “The role at Generator and Plant hire works behind the scenes to keep a number of businesses operational through the short-term rental of diesel generators. From cellphone masts, refrigerated food trucks, outdoor events and entire residential suburbs, our activities affect millions of people daily.” Read more.

For Employers – Talent Hot List
Please get in touch if you are interested in recruiting any of the following candidates:

Kenyan Male – Corporate Executive with strong IT & Healthcare experience

South African EE Male – Seasoned Investment Banking Professional with international experience

Nigerian Male – Head of Risk Management in Banking

South African Male – Chief Information Officer with strong FMCG experience

Nigerian Male – Investment Analyst in the Fintech space

South African EE Female – Research & Analytics Director with FMCG & Technology Exposure

Nigerian Female – Marketing Expert with strong Consumer Goods Experience

South African EE Female – Head of Business Optimisation in Management Consulting

Nigerian Male – Marketing Manager with FMCG & Healthcare Experience

South African EE Female – Audit Manager at a top 4 Accounting Firm

Kenyan Male – Audit & Assurance Manager in Mining & Energy

South African EE Male – Financial Manager in FMCG

South African Male – Seasoned Investment Banking professional with exposure to capital raising, restructures & turnarounds

Kenyan Male – Head of Operations in Logistics & Supply Chain

Kenyan Female – Marketing Director in Food & Beverage

South African EE Male – Operations Executive in Telecommunications

Nigerian Female – Global Internal Audit Manager in Corporate & Commercial Banking

Nigerian Female – Head of Customer Management Acquisition in Management Consulting

Nigerian Male – Supply Chain Management expert

South African EE Female – Senior Marketing Manager in FMCG

Kenyan Female – Regional Head in Global Payments

Nigerian Female – Head of Commercial in Retail Banking

A Selection of Job Opportunities
We are recruiting for top roles across a variety of sectors across the continent. Ensure we have your details by uploading your CV & please spread the word to your friends & family.

Out & About
BCX Disrupt

The inaugural BCX Disrupt Summit took place this month. The event gathered some of the world’s most innovative and disruptive innovators. Keynote speakers included, Malcolm Gladwell, Rapelang Rabana, Sipho Maseko and Nick Goldman. (Grammy-award winning artist, creative innovator & entrepreneur)

Derek Watts (Carte Blanche) & Mervyn Goliath (COO BCX)

Malcolm Gladwell (Journalist Author & Speaker)

Jayshree Naidoo (Incubator Head at Standard Bank Group)

Clyde Ackerman (Co-Founder Thirst Bar Services) & Angel Jones (Homecoming Revolution CEO)

Itumeleng Matlaila (GM: Marketing & Business Intelligence Trudon)

Foresights 2018

Panellists at Foresights 2018 at GIBS shared insights into the factors shaping the coming year and discuss the possible implications for executives and businesses in South Africa.  Speakers included Jacques Pauw (Author The President’s Keepers), Kuseni Dlamini (Chairman, Massmart), Thembekile Kimi Makwetu (Auditor General of South Africa), Colin Coleman (Head of the Investment Banking Division for Sub-Saharan Africa, Goldman Sachs), Adam Craker (CEO of IQbusiness) & Angelo Fick (Senior researcher, eNCA).

Tebogo Tshwane (Mail & Guardian) & Thule Mhlanga (Mail & Guardian)

Morris Mthombeni (GIBS), Jacques Pauw (Author of The President’s Keepers), Adam Craker (CEO IQbusiness), Colin Coleman (Head of of the Investment Banking Division for Sub-Saharan Africa, Goldman Sachs) and Angelo Fick (Senior Researcher eNCA)

Paul Harris: South Africa in sy moer?

Paul Harris, former CEO of FirstRand Limited, was invited to his old school, Maritzburg College, as Guest of Honour and Guest Speaker at a recent event.

Harris was Head Prefect in 1967. The event was attended by old boys from as far back as 1944, according to Maritzburg College.

Besides reminiscing in an entertaining manner, he concluded by commenting on the current state of nation.

“Another question that always comes up is whether “South Africa is in its moer” he said.

“How much energy has been wasted discussing, complaining, worrying and generally whingeing about the state of the country? I know people who only ever talk about this subject.” Read more.

Africa in 2018 Outlook
Homecomer Stories:

Welcome home to the turmoil & hope

Justin Foxton writes a letter to his sister who is about to return to South Africa after living in Britain for the past 4 years.

Dear M,
I hope you are well and surviving that UK weather. I wish you could send some rain to the Western Cape. The drought down there is horrific.

What do you make of what’s happening in Zim? If you had told me last week that in a matter of days Mugabe would still be alive but out of power, I would have laughed at you. It gives me such hope for South Africa, though we must do it peacefully and democratically (and preferably in less than 37 years!).

Your decision to come home is such a great one – not that I am biased! It’s a very exciting time to be in South Africa, though it’s not for the faint-hearted. So, as you make plans to come back home for good, I wanted to give you my thoughts on the “state of our nation”…Read more.


Moving back to Nigeria in 13 easy steps

Wendelyn Okemini returned to Nigeria after spending several years studying at boarding school and universities in England and America. Despite living in Nigeria for the last three years, she still oscillates between still feeling like a ‘repatriate,’ a tourist and a local. She has listed some tips that will hopefully help the newly repatriated feel more like locals than tourists in as little time as possible…Read more.


‘The social & cultural life of Nairobi makes my heart beat’
David Sengeh, a research scientist at IBM, returned to Africa after 11 years abroad.

Like any immigrant, I was faced with a heightened sense of concern about moving to a new, metropolitan city, particularly one in Africa. Unlike many, I was returning to the continent having left my home in Sierra Leone 11 years earlier.

Since that time, a few things had changed: I was moving to a new country with a young family centered around a toddler, and in possession of a PhD from MIT. (Although this still did not ease tense conversations with elders about my decision to keep long dreadlocks.) These realities, coupled with perceptions of security, personal growth, and other challenges one would face on the continent, left me with mixed emotions spanning from excitement to nervousness to, frankly, fear. So, last year, my family and I checked in our luggage and my fears and relocated to Nairobi, Kenya from Boston, USA…Read more.

Kenya Diaspora Homecoming Convention