Jan 23

Spike in number of South Africans interested in returning

We outline some key comments on a recently published article by Alec Hogg on the growing number of returining South Africans.

At Homecoming Revolution, we have seen a marked increase in the number of people expressing an interest in returning to South Africa over the past month. We believe that this is due to a renewed hope in the political situation with the appointment of Ramaphosa as ANC President and off the back of that a buoyant Rand. What’s more, we often experience a hike in interest for returning when South Africans come home for the festive season holidays.

The number of job queries we have received from South Africans abroad has tripled since November. Generally, the majority of people express an interest in relocating to Cape Town, however, there has been significant interest shown in relocating to Johannesburg and Durban.

As specialist headhunters for sub-Saharan Africa, one of our core offerings is finding highly skilled African talent and bringing them back to opportunities in their homelands of SA, Nigeria and Kenya.

We have seen a significant demand from employers for highly skilled Africans living abroad in a host of different sectors including FMCG and Fintech.