May 13

5 Trends within Africa’s Non-Profit sector

With the economy making a slow come-back amidst the pandemic, there is one sector which is seems to be making a healthy recovery, the Non-Profit sector.

1. Increased Investment
Comments Faye Tessendorf, MD of Homecoming Revolution, “We have seen a surge of hiring across our NPO clients due to a clear increase in international impact investment.”

2. Hybrid Talent
At Homecoming Revolution we always look for talent with a strong sense of purpose, but besides that, we’re seeing a strong demand for professionals who have a combination of both corporate and NPO experience. Comments Bronwyn Timm, Strategy & Partnerships Lead at Africa Resource Centre, “At ARC there is very specific culture required to be able to shift from the private sector to the NPO world. You need to be a “hybrid” candidate where both best in class strategy and delivery is married with a deep desire to make a difference and drive a fit for purpose strategy” Continues Tessendorf, “The NPO space is competing against the tier 1 consulting firms for talent. Gone are the days where it was seen as charity work to be involved in the non-profit space. These organisations are now focussed on hiring the best talent out there to deliver on some of the world’s most important projects and we are able to attract the best with competitive salaries.

3. Health & Education
Core NPO areas include Health and Education with a digital drive focus. Technology innovation being developed in the private sector is quickly being applied in the non-profit sector too.

4. Donor Participation
Continues Tessendorf, “We’re seeing an increase in direct donor involvement with a desire to really understand the on-the-ground impact.” This helps donors to understand the different nuances of rolling out projects in different African countries.

5. Partnerships
Another trend seems to be multiple NPO’s joining forces to combine funding on larger projects. It’s not always about re-inventing the wheel, but getting more power to make the wheel go faster.

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