Jul 01

These skills are key to the future success of your business

A global shortage of soft skills is posing a major threat to employers across the globe.

According to recent research from LinkedIn’s “Future of Skills” report, soft skills are essential to the success of the future workplace.

The report found main soft skills that are lacking include:

  1. Critical thinking or problem-solving
  2. Adaptability and flexibility
  3. Communication
  4. Leadership
  5. Innovation and creativity

“With artificial intelligence and automation set to make many hard skills obsolete, soft skills are set to become the most sought-after skills in the workplace over the next 10 years. However, we’re finding that these skills have become among the most difficult to recruit for in organizations across the board,” comments Faye Tessendorf, Managing Director at Executive Headhunting Firm Homecoming Revolution.

“An interesting trend which has emerged as a result of this widening gap is a scramble for candidates possessing these uniquely human skills that are so key to the success of the rapidly changing modern workplace,” she continues.

Tessendorf says while such skills are highly difficult to measure, organizations need to take active steps to effectively measure and assess them.

“At Homecoming Revolution, we place strong emphasis on assessing candidates on both their hard and soft skillsets via a carefully designed headhunting process. Our aim is to help employers’ across Sub-Saharan Africa remain competitive, as well as future-proof their organizations by bringing in flexible employees who can adjust and adapt to rapid shifts in demand.”

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