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Working from anywhere is a major differentiator in the war for talent

Are you a cook or a chef?

You get two kinds of people in the kitchen. One is very skilled at rigorously following a recipe. With quality control, consistency, and diligence. They’re cooks.

The other understands the alchemy of flavours, they see patterns and opportunities, and adjust recipes to suit the season, their tastes, and their needs. They improvise successfully and operate with grace in the kitchen. They’re chefs, not cooks.

“We have too many cooks, the world is begging for chefs.” In a post-Covid world, entrepreneur and former dot com executive Seth Godin’s words are very apt given the speed at which our world of work is changing.

Through the pandemic, many people reassessed their priorities. Working from anywhere brought greater flexibility, more trust, and a focus on output rather than input. It provoked a restlessness and sense of possibility, and employees have reassessed what they want and need in the workplace and what is most important to them.

For this new work from anywhere model to succeed, business and specifically Talent Acquisition managers will need to adapt their thinking and counter the loss of talent with a smart response.  They need to become chefs and tweak their talent recipes to suit the season.

The concept of remote talent

The extensive use of remote working has forced companies to re-imagine their infrastructure and generated certain expectations among employees. The concept of remote working has become more complex as organisations now also have to deal with employees seeking to work across borders and working from anywhere is fast gaining momentum. Remote working is evolving from being a temporary measure to becoming an important component of talent management strategies.

The pandemic, and with it an acceptance of video meetings as an alternative to those in-person, has also led to more businesses making use of remote consulting services and advice, available from anywhere in the world. This means that a company which might be working on a very specific issue which requires a very specific set of skills can access that talent easily, with borders and distances no longer presenting the same barriers.

There are no more borders

When businesses are no longer restricted by location or relocation costs, they can cast a wider net and source best-fit candidates who will add the most value overall to their business despite them living elsewhere in the world.

Remote work is not merely a pandemic change, but a democratisation of talent and opportunity. For companies seeking specific skills, the world has become their oyster. For highly skilled executives, seeking the right opportunities, whether full-time or hourly, and without the pains of relocation, the world has also become their oyster.

Virtual repatriation brings global talent within reach

There is a massive demand for highly skilled talent in Africa. But there’s also a massive network of highly skilled talent in the diaspora. HomecomingEX is delighted to be connecting the two. With us, employers can find the talent they want, for how long they want, from where they want.

Our curated pool of globally experienced African executives have seen it all, they are ready to engage and add value to your growing business, at a fraction of the cost.

Permanent, Part-Time and Hourly Talent for Africa

It’s unlikely that companies would switch to this blended model instantly, but many are already moving in that direction. As they do, the pool of independent executives consulting from anywhere in the world, will also steadily swell as this trend becomes an unstoppable force.

HomecomingEX is here to help you harness opportunities, adapt your thinking and become a chef.

Contact us at to discuss your talent needs.

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