Apr 03

Our network WILL work for you

The significance of having a global network is something that is often overlooked. Against a backdrop of an increasingly competitive battle for talent, a strong network is a critical tool for tapping into top talent possessing a mix of rare skills. Inquire about our candidate network here.

Comments Angel Jones, CEO of Homecoming Revolution, “We’re able to leverage our extensive global candidate community in order to tap into a broader range of talent, often placing candidates who might not have considered a particular sector or company before but are the ideal match. Our long-standing relationships also ensure immediate access to a pipeline of pre-screened and ready-to-go candidates.”

She says a core benefit of having access to such a large pool of professionals, is word-of-mouth referrals

“47% of our placements have been via our extensive network and not via traditional search methods.

We’ve built a unique face-to-face network by hosting over 43 global events. Having access to such a large network enables us to cast the net far wider than the traditional talent pool.”

Angel says the firm specializes in finding and placing ‘unicorn’ or ‘needle in a haystack candidates’.

“We strategically approach each brief, a core part of which entails consulting our trusted network of business leaders, decision makers and industry experts in sourcing hard-to-find candidates.”

Homecoming Revolution has built up a vast global network of over 36 000 people across the globe comprising of seasoned executives, African diaspora professionals, homecomers, corporates, global diaspora groups and Ivy League Universities.

The headhunting firm has had face-to-face interactions with over 19 000 candidates worldwide including potential diaspora returnees, homecomers and highly experienced home-grown talent.