Apr 03

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operations Officer at CLICK FOUNDATION

Dudu Makhari and Shirley Gilbey have joined the executive team of The Click Foundation, a non-profit using educational technology to tackle the early learning literacy crisis in South Africa.

They joined the organisation in February, Dudu in the capacity of CEO and Shirley in the capacity of Group COO.

Each possessing a unique set of skills, they form part of a dynamic team fundamentally improving the literacy rate of increasing numbers of young learners across South Africa. Their focus is building a foundation that is scaled to deliver impact to 1 million learners by 2022.

Dudu and Shirley are responsible for developing and delivering on strategic objectives, scaling the organisation and programmes, ensuring the budget is maintained, growing and inspiring the team, building the organisation’s culture and driving staff performance.

Dudu’s core responsibility is relationship management with key stakeholders in the public and private sectors while a huge part of Shirley’s work is geared around big data and using it to drive efficiency and impact.

Prior to joining the foundation, Dudu worked as a partner in a consulting firm.  She says the opportunity to make a tangible impact was what drew her to the role.

“The direct influence one has in changing the lives of the learners that utilize the programme is what appealed most about the role. Being able to witness the programme’s tangible impact has definitely been the most exciting thing about joining.”

Shirley was previously Head of Rise at Barclays Africa.  She says the opportunity to ‘do good’ while operating in a high-performance role within a well-established, well-run foundation is what appealed to her most about the role.

“We run the foundation like a business. Coupling that with the ability to spend my time doing genuinely meaningful work was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

When asked how they found working with Homecoming Revolution, they said what they enjoyed most is that the team showed genuine care and were focused on finding a great fit for both their clients and candidates.

“There is a high level of efficiency and “slickness” about how they operate – always a pleasure!”