Nov 27

Global Diaspora Development Forum in Dublin

In November 2014, Homecoming Revolution CEO, Angel Jones, was a guest speaker at the Global Diaspora Development Forum in Dublin. Attended by many diaspora experts from all over the world, the conference was organised by the UCD Clinton Institute, Irish Aid and Diaspora Matters.

The tone was set by the words of President Bill Clinton, who sent a supportive video message:  “What you are doing should be a model for the rest of the world.  Thanks for increasing the positive forces of interdependence at a time when there is so much negative news dominating the headlines.  Thanks again for building a world of shared prosperity, shared responsibilities with a genuine sense of shared community.”

Other exciting African expert speakers included Semhar Araia, founder of Diaspora African Women’s Network and TMS “Teddy” Ruge of HiveColab. Oh how we #heartAfrica.

At the event, Diaspora Matters launched their list of 75 Worldwide Diaspora Programs – exciting stuff, read more here.

Download the diaspora report here.