Aug 18

Homecoming Revolution Insights Report 2015

Homecoming Revolution, the brain gain company for Africa, undertook a study from February – August 2015 to better understand African repatriation and immigration patterns. The online survey examines a broad range of issues including the core reasons why people move abroad, the key trigger factors that encourage people to return home, what people miss most and least about home and what links people still retain with their home countries.

The survey has yielded some invaluable insights on both Africans in the diaspora and returnees and has revealed a range of emotions and opinions towards the continent.


The survey, designed and conducted by Homecoming Revolution, has had 720 responses. It was conducted in three parts, focusing on Africans Abroad and Africans Back Home.

  • First group:  Africans Abroad = 290 respondents (11 February 2015)
  • Second group: Africans Back Home= 119 respondents (26 May 2015)
  • Third group:  Africans Abroad = 311 respondents (26 May 2015)

The survey focuses on both groups, but certain questions refer specifically refer to one or the other. Certain questions were multiple choice with multiple answer categories.

View  insights from the survey here Homecoming Revolution Insights Report 2015