Mar 04

5 Remuneration Trends across Sub-Saharan Africa

5 Remuneration Trends across Sub-Saharan Africa

Faye Tessendorf, Managing Director of Homecoming Revolution, lists five insights from Homecoming Revolution’s recent consulting work across the continent.

  1. There is still an alarming gender remuneration disparity across Sub-Saharan Africa.  Female MDs are paid on average 11% – 20% less than their male counterparts.
  2.  African countries differ on the value they place on skills.  For example, in Ethiopia, medical doctors are the highest paid professionals in the country.
  3. Currency negotiations are still a massive factor in hiring talent in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many returning African Diaspora are pushing for a dollar or sterling based salary.
  4. Benefits in SSA vary vastly from country to country.  For example, in Senegal it is part of labour law to provide medical aid cover for unlimited children beneficiaries.  Whereas in Nigeria and Kenya there is a maximum of two beneficiaries.
  5.  African countries with the highest wage inequality are South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania and Malawi.

With over a decade of HR generalist experience across Sub-Saharan Africa, Homecoming Revolution offers the full Human Capital Consulting function which includes remuneration benchmarking.

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