Sep 29

Top Talent Feature – Eddie Ndopu

For any South African company that is serious about transformation, diversity and inclusion – you cannot ignore this message.

Eddie is a black, physically disabled Oxford-educated South African with a top academic record and international experience in both the private and public sector.

He has just returned home after working with the Centre for Public Impact, London, supported by the BCG Global Foundation.Eddie has his Masters in Public Policy at Oxford University and a BA with High Distinction from Carleton University in Canada.

He was the Head of Africa Youth Engagement Program for Amnesty International and was recently voted Global Top Talent by the United Nations.

Comments Angel Jones, CEO of Homecoming Revolution, “Eddie really is the most articulate person I have ever met.  We have done many speeches together around the world and he always brings the house down. He is confident, convincing, unapologetic, humble and clever.”

In Eddie’s own words “As someone who embodies a multiplicity of identities and experiences, I bring a fresh perspective and am uniquely positioned to help organisations innovate and embrace positive disruption.”

A young brainiac, Eddie has muscular dystrophy and is looking for a fulfilling role that will be his lasting legacy.

Please contact us now to set up a meeting with Eddie.