Jul 14

Madiba: Celebrating a life like no other

Father, husband, peacemaker, mentor and master, our beloved Madiba was many things to many people, and most of all- an inspirational leader.

A few years before Nelson Mandela died, Homecoming Revolution commissioned different South African artists to create different portraits of Madiba to celebrate his remarkable life and achievements.

Nelson Mandela Series by Tay Dall Nelson Mandela by Lorne Schnugh

It was Madiba himself who inspired the creation of Homecoming Revolution in 1999 in Trafalgar Square with his message to South Africans, “I love you all so much, I want to put you in my pocket and take you home”.

“So many facets of Mandela and what he represented need to be celebrated & what better way than to ask diverse South African artists to paint their own impression of him,” commented Homecoming Revolution CEO Angel Jones.

A man with wisdom and foresight that exceeds comprehension, remains ever so humble regardless of his stature and power, words do not do him justice,” said Lorne Schnugh, one of the artists involved in the project.

When Madiba died, Homecoming Revolution put the images of the artworks out to the world & encouraged people to celebrate this incredible man by making one of the artworks their profile pictures & is this Mandela Day, encouraging people to celebrate an extraordinary man by making one of these portraits their profile pictures.

“These artworks are individual expressions of Mandela’s legacy. What better way to celebrate these amazing images of Tata Madiba than on Mandela Day,” said Jones

“ I am much indebted to be a part of Nelson’s life and will forever live in South Africa knowing that he sacrificed his life for mine so that I can live and express myself as a free thinking person and as an artist.  Madiba my superhero!” said Tay Dall, another artist involved in the project.

“He struggled to free every South African, no matter their race – and that’s something I’m very grateful for,” said artist Alex Latimer.

If you’d like to show the world how much Tata Madiba means to you this Mandela Day, you can choose any of these portraits to upload as your Facebook Profile & Cover Picture.

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Help us realise Mandela’s dream of building a children’s hospital this Mandela Day by donating towards the construction of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.