Feb 05

How alternative data will impact recruitment practices in 2018

Below is an article by TransUnion CEO Lee Naik on The Technology Trends Driving Digital Excellence in 2018. One of the key trends explored is “Knowing Me – The Rise of Alternative Data”. When we asked him how it relates to headhunting, this was his response:

“This trend is very applicable to Recruitment practices in 2018. Practitioners will start to increase their reliance on publicly available sources such as LinkedIn and Facebook to confirm the veracity of information provided by candidates as part of their talent mapping and screening processes.

Several services are also emerging for agencies to conduct real time machine-learning enabled personality and psychometric profiling which have shown high levels of correlation with traditional testing methodologies. These machine-learning techniques are able to simultaneously analyze a variety of social media and published content related to candidates to generate, without human input, more robust perspectives on recruiting candidates. Partnering with these new techniques will continue to improve the efficacy of recruiters.”

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