Apr 28

A 23rd Birthday Poem for South Africa

The below poem was written by Homecoming Revolution CEO Angel Jones to mark the celebration of 23 years of freedom in South Africa on 27 April.

Hello OUR SA, hip hip hooray!
Here is how Google celebrates us today!
Enoch Sontonga wrapped in our colours,
Composer of anthems for sisters and brothers.

We were born free,
On a tide of blood & tears.
With rainbow blessings & lullabies,
Father Madiba calmed our fears.

Oh how we adored this country,
Our miraculous brand new thing!
A brand new flag and anthem,
Such much joy did we bring.

Taking our first toddler steps,
We were a sporting sensation.
Winning the Rugby World Cup!
And African Cup of Nations!

Our childhood was bittersweet,
We’d inherited many scars.
But our truthful nature reconciled us,
Forgiveness shone liked stars.

When we entered our teens,
Our hormones were raging.
With incredible growth spurts,
Our economy was changing.

More water, more houses,
More social grants for all.
But our health was still sick,
And we failed our matric.

We left our teens
As our father died.
Together we held on.
Together we still cry

But, there’s something still quite wrong with us
It’s time we actually made a fuss,
The gap’s too wide between rich and poor,
Between “The Haves” and “Have-Nothings”,
We can hardly keep score…

It’s now time we grow up! Start adding our sums!
Roll up our sleeves, for our daughters and sons.

Our beloved land,
We’re now 23 years old.
Let’s join hands, Let’s step forward,
Be fair, good and bold.

“WE LOVE US SO MUCH!,” is all we can say.
Let’s get our act together, Hip Hip hooray!
Angel Jones,
CEO Homecoming Revolution
27rd April 2017