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April 2017 – Say It To My Face


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In an increasingly competitive talent landscape, the value of face-to-face candidate interactions cannot be underestimated.

That’s why it makes sense for employers to participate in our series of bespoke employer events in London in July. Please read more below or get in touch.

May marks the commemoration of Africa Month, a time where we celebrate our continent’s resilience and innovation. Our CEO Angel Jones is speaking at this year’s Oxford Africa Conference about the importance of the African “brain gain”.

We are working on several exciting roles across the continent in a variety of industries. If you’re looking for that next career move, make sure you have a look at our selection of job opportunities.

Onwards & Upwards
The Homecoming Revolution Team

Why face-to-face events are the key to attracting top talent
Competition for top talent within the current economic climate is tougher than ever.

At Homecoming Revolution, we’ve naturally seen a spike in people internationally questioning whether returning home is the right move. Ironically, while we expected this doubt to be converted into a ‘freeze’ on people returning home, our anecdotal evidence is showing that despite challenging times, people are still yearning to return. Friends & Family, Lifestyle and a Sense of Belonging remain the three core incentives that bring people back.

That’s the reason we are doing in-depth face-to-face engagement with candidates while they are still abroad. Returning home is a highly personal decision and our events offer an effective platform which addresses candidate questions and concerns. We believe that bypassing these critical personal conversations is irresponsible when wooing people home.

Our bespoke employer events, taking place in London in July, give employers and candidates the opportunity for frank discussions about job opportunities and the pros and cons of coming home.

Each event is tailored according to the employer need and specification. Pre-screened candidates are handpicked and matched to the skill set that each employer requires. At each bespoke event, the employer is able to share details about the company’s brand and purpose, while forming strong relationships with a unique candidate pool.

Candidates are given information about property, schools and relocation, as well as realistic homecoming stories.

If you’re abroad and would like to attend an event, please register here and we’ll let you know if there is a match for your skills.

If you’re an employer who is interested in participating in these events, please get in touch.

Oxford Africa Conference 2017
Influential Women in Business Breakfast
Hosted by Thomson Reuters at the Johannesburg Country Club, this inspirational event discussed how to sustainably advance gender mainstreaming in the workplace and shared tips on how women leaders can embrace opportunities to disrupt traditional boundaries and lead organisational growth.

Sanele Masiza: Head of Enterprise Risk Management at the Small Enterprise Finance Agency and Elegance Gozo: Manager of Emerging Talent at Vodacom

Busisiwe Mabuza: Chairperson IDC with Candice Dott: Head of Africa Financial and Risk Market Development at Thomson Reuters and Brenda Kali: MD of Conscious Companies

Social Media 101 with Cerebra
We spent a morning with Cerebra CEO Mike Stopforth. The event, titled Social Media: Risk or Reward? hosted by the Entrepreneur Organisation, provided key insights into the social media space from one of South Africa’s leading digital gurus.


Mike Stopforth, Gia Kalk (Homecoming Revolution Manager Talent & Brand) and James Adams (Group MD In Touch Sports)

Talented African Homecomers
Please get in touch if you are interested in recruiting any of the following candidates:

South African EE Female – Investment Professional with 15 years’ experience wants to return home from New York.

Kenyan Male – Marketing & Consumer Product Specialist working in Financial Services.

South African EE Female – Recently returned CIB Professional at AVP level.

South African EE Male – Homecomer & Senior Strategy Consultant focusing on the Life Sciences sector.

Kenyan Female – Business Development & Marketing Manager Financial Services.

South African EE Female – Strategy & Special Projects Manager Financial Services.

Nigerian Male – Senior Financial Analyst/Consultant.

South African EE Female – Communications Manager: Media & Tourism.

Nigerian Male – Sales & Strategy Manager wants to return to Nigeria from South Africa.

South African EE Male – Strategy & Analytics Expert: IT.

Kenyan Male – Accountant with 10 yrs experience.

South African EE Male – General Manager Corporate & Investment Banking.

A Selection of Job Opportunities
We are recruiting for top roles across a variety of sectors across the continent. Ensure we have your details by uploading your CV & please spread the word to your friends & family.

Homecomer Stories: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa

“‘You can never plan your return perfectly”

As much as you might be planning your return, you can never plan it perfectly. So, start now to refine your ideas repeatedly. Ensure that it will survive the Nigeria realities – seek for criticism from people in the industry…Read more.


‘Life in Ghana has led to unique experiences’

Since moving back to Ghana in 2012 from Virginia in the US, Emmanuel Gamor has worked for Google, YouTube and Nestle, which all have offices in Accra. He’s currently on the Faculty for Entrepreneurial Leadership at the African Leadership Union…Read more.


‘9 things no one told me before moving back to Kenya’

Kenyan homecomer Njambi Mungai speaks about the 9 things nobody told her before returning to Kenya, offering potential homecomers some valuable advice on what they should know before returning. Her real, honest and funny account looks at the huge adjustment…Read more.


‘My children thank me every day for bringing them back’

“The grass is always greener” is a quote I had often heard of however never really understood until now. My family and I gave our lives to the UK for two years, and somehow our souls felt like we just did not belong. The first year was what I like to call the “honeymoon stage”…Read more.

A 23rd Birthday Poem for South Africa

The below poem was written by Homecoming Revolution CEO Angel Jones to mark the celebration of 23 years of freedom in South Africa on 27 April.

Hello OUR SA, hip hip hooray!
Here is how Google celebrates us today!
Enoch Sontonga wrapped in our colours,
Composer of anthems for sisters and brothers.

We were born free,
On a tide of blood & tears.
With rainbow blessings & lullabies,
Father Madiba calmed our fears.

Oh how we adored this country,
Our miraculous brand new thing!
A brand new flag and anthem,
Such much joy did we bring.

Read more.

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