May 03

Why face-to-face events are the key to attracting top talent

Competition for top talent within the current economic climate is tougher than ever.

At Homecoming Revolution, we’ve naturally seen a spike in people internationally questioning whether returning home is the right move. Ironically, while we expected this doubt to be converted into a ‘freeze’ on people returning home, our anecdotal evidence is showing that despite challenging times, people are still yearning to return. Friends & Family, Lifestyle and a Sense of Belonging remain the three core incentives that bring people back.

That’s the reason we are doing in-depth face-to-face engagement with candidates while they are still abroad. Returning home is a highly personal decision and our events offer an effective platform which addresses candidate questions and concerns. We believe that bypassing these critical personal conversations is irresponsible when wooing people home.

Our bespoke employer events, taking place in London in July, give employers and candidates the opportunity for frank discussions about job opportunities and the pros and cons of coming home.

Each event is tailored according to the employer need and specification. Pre-screened candidates are handpicked and matched to the skill set that each employer requires. At each bespoke event, the employer is able to share details about the company’s brand and purpose, while forming strong relationships with a unique candidate pool.

Candidates are given information about property, schools and relocation, as well as realistic homecoming stories.