Sep 08

What the Frac is a Fractional Executive?

What the frac is a fractional executive? 

Fractional executives fill a senior position on a non-full-time or short-term basis. They are typically former business leaders who can be a great option for growing ventures.

The global pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and transact business.

Hybrid, fractional employment or gig working is now part of the “anywhere” economy, and the new world of work — more nuanced and personalized — demands a reset.

Some executives no longer want to work for a company; they want to work with a company and the future of work depends on this partnership mindset. This entails flatter and more networked talent models, fueled by a more flexible, and for many, a more globally mobile workforce.

This is especially true in high-growth entrepreneurial start-ups, requiring access to the full complement of C-Suite talent they need to sustainably grow their business. The challenge however is that executive talent is incredibly hard to attract and mostly too expensive in the early stages of growth.

With dedicated non-full-time or fractional executives on board, you can free up your own time to work on your business instead of in it.

At a fraction of the cost, our pool of top non-full-time or fractional executives will also give you access to a much broader knowledge and experience base. This can make the difference between being fragile or anti-fragile, between leapfrogging your competitors or being leaped.

We can provide you with the executive talent you need for an hour, a day, or a regular weekly meeting.

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