Nov 03

12 Lessons from Africa’s HR Leaders

What has 2020 taught you?

  1. Bolanhle Asumah, Director of People, Africa at McKinsey & Company, “ 2020 has highlighted the need to have not only physical wellness plans but also tangible mental wellness plans in place for employees. In this way, organizations can play an important role in ensuring a well-rounded and better adjusted workforce.”
  1. Olumide Sholanke, HR Director at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Nigeria, “The payoffs from, empowering our teams, driving more collaboration, adopting flexible working and leading with empathy are much bigger than imagined, many thanks to the crisis.”
  1. Bess Skosana, GMr: Talent Lead for MTN, “Nothing is predictable, we live in a VUCA world, and me must learn to adapt to change quickly.”
  1. Bobo Mngxali, Head: People and Culture at Roche Diagnostics,” “The Year of the RubberBand”. Why? Well this year has really required HR Leaders to adopt the characteristics of a rubber band. Our agility was tested like never before and we had to stretch ourselves to adapt to new ways of working. Like the rubber band, we’ve also had to become more resilient – we had to transition from designing for efficiency to designing for better resilience. Now more than ever, organisations have become social safety nets (financially, emotionally and mentally) and this has meant more investment in employee well-being and future value.”
  1. Annalize Van Der Waal, VP HR: Sub-Saharan Africa for PepsiCo “Our leaders have grown in every way, learning how to direct, coach, encourage and trust in more profound ways than we could have accomplished in a decade of leadership training. It paves the way for a new way of working that is not bound to the constraints of brick and mortar and redefines the concept of team.”
  1. Bridget Murphy, Executive HR at Pick ‘n Pay, “HR Executives have had to rapidly deploy new tools for a new mindset. Employees have needed stability and security emanating from their Employer. The challenge ahead, is gearing ourselves for the establishment of a hybrid workplace.”
  1. Dagmar Artz, Head of People and Performance at Cotton On Group, “People centricity is even more important now than ever before in our HR strategy. The focus for us has shifted towards a more holistic approach, with wellness, development and an environment that nurtures D&I at the core.”
  1. Humsha Ramgobin, VP: Group Organisational Effectiveness at Massmart, “How critical an ever evolving organisational culture is with increased relevancy of technology, innovation and collaboration that enables us to embrace “dynamic stability” as change is constant.”
  1. Thuli Tabudi, Group HR Executive at Spar, “The importance of agility and the ability to handle polarities such as fear and courage, learning to plan for something you are uncertain about and most importantly, how resilient our people truly are.”
  1. Jasmin Pillay, HR Director at Microsoft South Africa, “Not to underestimate the power of corporate culture, which has never been as important as it is today. A strong, healthy team culture relies on intentionally staying connected with employees, remaining productive and focused on collaboration for the greater good of our customers and partners.”
  1. Makgotso Letsitsi, Head of People, Transformation and Citizenship at KPMG SA, “The evolution of people management indicates to us that the calibre of the individual is fast becoming the biggest trait that every leader in HR should prioritise.”
  1. Angel Jones, CEO Homecoming Revolution, “We’ve seen an increased employer appetite for contract and virtual employees.

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