Jul 03

Headhunting. What makes us different?

Eighty percent of African chief executives view the availability of key skills as the biggest threat to growth, according to PWC’s 2017 edition of the Africa Business Agenda.

With finding the right talent being so critical, it is important to partner with the right headhunting firm.

Homecoming Revolution’s unique approach to headhunting across the globe sets us apart through our:

  1. Unrivalled Network & Relationships

We have a database of 37 000 globally experienced African professionals. We also have strong local and international relationships with multinational corporates, professional industry networks, global diaspora groups, Ivy League Universities and university alumni. We travel across the world attending different industry summits and meeting high-calibre candidates.

  1. Focus on Diversity

Homecoming Revolution is proud to say that over the past year, 62% of our placements have been female. We have sourced and placed candidates across 17 geographies.  Not only do we look across Africa and internationally, but we also look for the diversity of skills and have certainly found that candidates who have worked across industries have developed a tenacity and flexibility to succeed in a challenging environment.

  1. Unique Search Process

We have an extensive network of local and international sourcing channels that enables us to source and match the best talent to a brief.  Rather than simply relying on desktop research, we tap into our database of global professionals and use word-of-mouth referrals from trusted sources, opinion leaders and business experts.

  1. Employer Branding Expertise

We have a deep-seated understanding of employer branding, market intelligence, digital marketing and talent attraction strategies. This allows us to really attract perfect talent and match it to the correct company DNA.

  1. Bespoke Global Events

To date we’ve hosted 42 global events and had face-to-face contact with 19000 African professionals abroad. These events promote: The Filling of vacancies, Pipeline, Referral Network, Employer Branding and Market Intelligence. Pre-screened candidates are exclusively invited according to the skillset that the employer requires.

  1. Candidate Catalogues

As a top-up service for your internal recruitment team, we offer bespoke talent catalogues of our vast global network. Each catalogue is created with strategic intent, industry trends and market intelligence in accordance with each individual brief.