Oct 05

Merger Announcement

Our CEO, Angel Jones, is delighted to announce the official merger of our two separate companies, Homecoming Revolution and InbyEX, to form one company: HomecomingEX. This means that under one brand we offer companies and investors easy access to Permanent, Part-time & Hourly Executive Talent for Africa. “Part-time” includes interim, fractional & board roles. “Hourly” includes sector specialist, speaker & coaching roles.

A massive thanks to our investors, Launch Africa Ventures, Five35 Ventures and Quarme Private Equity. And deep gratitude to my fellow shareholders for your unwavering belief of our vision, Martine Schaffer, Stephen Okelo-Odongo, Roy Masamba and Paul Salvage.

Here’s to building Africa’s prosperity with African expertise.

From Revolution to Evolution
HomecomingEX is Africa’s first executive talent platform, where employers can hire top African professionals on a permanent, part-time or hourly basis. Companies can easily access a large vetted community of senior talent across 45+ industries and countries. Features include AI matchmaking, powerful search functionality, a seamless booking system and built-in video conferencing. This makes HomecomingEX an invaluable tool for recruiting full-time professionals, fractional executives, sector specialists, board members, speakers, due-diligence experts and more.

Welcome to the Virtual Brain Gain
We’ve moved from pure physical skills repatriation to virtual skills repatriation. There is a massive demand for highly skilled talent in Africa. And the great thing is, there’s a massive network of highly skilled talent in the diaspora who are available for part-time and hourly remote work. HomecomingEX is delighted to be connecting the two. With us, employers can find the talent they want, for how long they want, from where they want. Our curated pool of globally experienced African executives, are ready to bring invaluable expertise at the specific time that it’s needed.

The solution to finding scarce talent is sharing scarce talent
With growing trends like The Great Resignation and the 4-Day Work Week, we are witnessing a significant shift in the the career appetite of senior professionals. These experienced candidates are seeking ”portfolio careers”, where they do fractional executive work for a few companies at the same time. This means that top talent can be shared between non-competing companies, where everybody wins. Not only can growing companies afford top executives for a fraction of the cost, it also means that candidates have a more fulfilling and rewarding work life balance.

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