Apr 08

Homecoming Revolution Trends on Twitter

Homecoming Revolution Trending on Twitter in South Africa

Homecoming CEO and Founder Angel Jones and Yusuf Abramjee recently appeared on CNBC Africa. They spoke to Bruce Whitfield about Homecoming Revolution and the recently held Africa Expo in London. Yusuf is the Head of News & Current Affairs: Primedia Broadcasting, Head of Communications: Primedia Group , Head: Crime Line, Chairman:South African Federation Against Copyright Theft (SAFACT) , Lead SA Activist  and Second Vice President: Crime Stoppers International (CSI)

Such a buzz was generated from this interview that Homecoming Revolution trended on Twitter. This was not the first time that Homecoming Revolution has trended on Twitter. This happened during the Expo itself in London. At that time the hashtag #HomecomingRev Trended in South Africa and Houston in the US. This time it was the Twitter handle itself @HomecomingRev which trended. What this points to is a lot of conversation around the Expo and the brand itself.

The interview on CNBC was a fascinating discussion where Angel and Yusuf shared insights from the Expo but the discussion also went much further. Important questions were raised as well. Should incentives be introduced for those returning from the diaspora? What about their spouses who were struggling to find jobs? What are some of the insights and questions that comes from this interview?  Why did the content from the interview resonate so much with the audience on Twitter in South Africa? Well see and judge for yourself.

Here are snippets from the interview:

  • My guests (@Angel1Jones,@abramjee) have been travelling the world 4 years encouraging #Africans to come back home~@brucebusiness
  • We will find out why @angel1jones & @Abramjee have been encouraging #Africans to return home for so long ~@brucebusiness @cnbcafrica #Africa
  • Have you kept track of home many South #Africans have moved back home? ~ @brucebusiness asks @angel1jones.
  • The brain drain in South Africa has officially reversed! ~ @angel1jones, @brucebusiness @cnbcafrica #HomecomingRev #Africa #AfricaIsRising
  • We know that in the past 5 yrs, 359K Skilled South #Africans have returned home~ @angel1jones
  • We are now in our 12th year @HomecomingRev. It’s a commercial venture. ~ @angel1jones
  • I’ve been encouraging #Africans to return home for 12 yrs.I lived in London for 7 yrs b4 returning home to start #HomecomingRev @angel1jones
  • We’ve found that 40% of our #HomecomingRev attendees have been away for more than 15 years.  ~ @Angel1Jones
  • 60% of our attendees to #HomecomingRev Expos normally return home within 6 months~
  • During @cnbcafrica interview with @angel1jones & @Abramjee, the question is posed: Should Govt incentivise expats to return? #Tonight410
  • There is a massive wave of repatriation to the #African continent.  ~ @Angel1Jones
  • We have a very bold vision that South Africa’s role in the rest of the continent can be fundamental.
  • At Homecoming Revolution we have a model that works showing stories of people who’ve returned and jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities, investment.
  • Why did Homecoming Revolution take the campaign #Africa-wide? Why not just South Africa? Have we run out of candidates?
  • We are now focusing on #Africa, not just South Africa because Africa is open for business.
  • The rest of the continent now is where South Africa was 10 years ago.
  • Many South #African companies are expanding into the continent as well. ~ @Angel1Jones


  • There were many corporates at #LondonExpo2014. The #HomecomingRev Project needs to be grown & developed. ~ @Abramjee
  • I told the CEO @Barclays, an Exhibitor at #LondonExpo2014 to put more money into the #HomecomingRev Project ~@Abramjee
  • When I look at the work being done @HomecomingRev, it’s a campaign we need to extend and support. ~ @Abramjee
  • The people are concerned about problems we have but that shouldn’t be a deterrent for them to come back home ~@Abramjee


  • The feedback I’m having today after the trip to London: We want to come back home! What is on offer? ~ @Abramjee
  • I shared the SA story, 20 yrs of freedom, Nkandla, other problems of corruption, people still want to come back home ~ @Abramjee
  • I addressed the audience over the weekend @ #HomecomingRev and just to watch those smiles when I shared the South #African story ~@Abramjee
  • Over past 5 years we’ve seen a third of a million skilled people return to South #Africa ~@brucebusiness


  • Not everyone can move back home. Countries are still heavily reliant on remittances from Africans in diaspora ~@Angel1Jones
  • Many directors who came to South #Africa for a global conference for the very first time were pleasantly surprised. ~@Abramjee
  • I love the philosophy of making #homecomingrev continental. It is no longer just about South Africa. ~ @Abramjee @angel1jones
  • We are lobbying government so that there is less red tape when people are moving back here.~ @angel1jones

Once the video of the actual interview is available we will share that with you on the site.

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