Apr 13

AfricArena Johannesburg Summit 2023

“How to Growth Hack your B2B start-up in Africa” Angel Jones shares some important tips on “frazzled founders, sales, story-telling and sharing brains”. Other panellists included Melvyn Lubega, Mike Powell, Trevor Naidoo and Paul Smith.

















  1. Francois Malan (Savant), John Schippers (Invenfin), Melvyn Lubega (Breega), Akash Maharaj (Standard Bank), Eimear Costigan (Wesgro)
  2. Matsi Modise (Furaha Afrika Holdings), Alison Collier (Endeavour), Angel Jones (HomecomingEx), Zach George (Launch Africa Ventures), Sina Bahrami (Sotreq)
  3. Angel Jones (HomecomingEx), Matsi Modise (Fuhara Afrika Holdings)

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