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March 2020 – Coronavirus: What skills are suddenly in demand?


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The coronavirus pandemic has thrust the world into economic uncertainty.

Yet this has also created opportunity for may sectors with increased demand for critical products and services, causing employers to scramble for skilled professionals.

Comments Angel Jones, CEO of Homecoming Revolution, “In times of rapid change and uncertainty, employers need to hire managers and leaders who are adaptable, resilient and quick decision makers. Not only will professionals need to cope with uncertainty, but they’ll need a high appetite for innovation and risk-taking”.

Homecoming Revolution has witnessed a rising demand for the following skills:

  • E-Commerce Experts
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Managers
  • Payments Professionals
  • Medical and Pharma Consultants
  • E-Learning Specialists 
  • Digital Content Producers

In order for employers across industries to remain effective and relevant, they’ll need a robust pipeline of senior talent who have the right skills to navigate this new world of work.

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For Employers – See our Talent Hot List

South African EE Male – Managing Director – Logistics

South African EE Female – Chief Marketing Officer – FMCG

South African EE Male – HR Executive – Diversified

South African EE Male – Country Operations Director – Food Production

Nigerian Male – Sales Operations Manager – FMCG

South African EE Male – Chief Information Officer – Banking

Ghanaian Male – Executive Director – Private Equity

South African EE Female – Strategic Transformation Lead – Fintech

South African EE Male – Managing Director – Retail

Nigerian Male – General Manager – Telecommunications

South African EE Male – Group Risk Officer – Banking

South African EE Female – Chief Operating Officer – Health

South African EE Male – Head of Finance – Financial Services

Kenyan Male – Business Development Manager – Transport & Logistics

South African EE Male – Chief Operating Officer CIB – Banking

South African EE Male – Global Business Analyst – Information Technology

South African EE Female – Group Learning & Development Manager – Human Resources

South African Female – Group Functional Delivery Lead – Fintech

South African EE Female – Managing Director – Oil & Energy

Kenyan Male – Group HR Manager – FMCG

South Africa EE Male – Group Head of IT – Financial Services

Kenyan Female – Senior Consultant – Management Consulting

United we remain at home, together we are one.
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