Jul 24

South Africa rocks! Warts and all!

The Van Rensburg family returned to South Africa in mid-2018. They recount their homecoming journey after many years abroad.

The 29th June 2019 marked a year back in South Africa after 16 years for my husband and 11 years for me living in the United Kingdom. We both went there after school/university, so never worked or lived in South Africa as adults before.

We had the best time in the UK, and wouldn’t exchange it for anything. Also started our family there and gave our kids the gift of British passports which will hopefully help them in the future.

BUT for now, with the kids at this age (oldest was 4 and twins were 9 months old when we moved back), and their grandparents getting older, we can honestly say it’s been the BEST decision we could have made to come back! We love this country, and see a LOT of positives.

But more so we love getting to spend so much time with family and friends, and so often! For the big events and the small mundane ones, and the last minute drop in for coffees. For our kids to really get to know their cousins and play barefoot outside even in winter. To get to experience their grandparents and in return be a gift to them so they can get to know them firsthand, being there for every milestone.

This year has had its ups and downs, and its challenges. There was a lot we had to get used to after getting used to a different way of life in the UK. We’re not yet where we want to be, financially and career-wise, but I also know this year would have been 10 times harder without this family support in the UK. We’re positive about where we’re going, and enjoying the journey to get there in the meantime!!

South Africa rocks! Warts and all!