Jun 26

‘The move home gave me the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship’

Aminata Dumbuya was living a privileged and comfortable job in California, USA. She had a cushy corporate job and was steadily climbing the corporate ladder. Yet, she was restless and hungry to do more. This hunger is what prompted her to return to her homeland, Sierra Leone.

Over a decade later, Aminata is deeply involved in the renewable energy sector. She runs the Sierra Leone Power for All campaign, which works with the support of the Ministry of Energy. When she’s not doing her part to ensure that sustainable energy is available to all, Aminata works with Masada Waste Management Company.

What drove your decision to repatriate to Sierra Leone?

The single-most entity that was responsible for my move back home was and is the passion and conviction I attach to being a part of the transformation happening back home. I believed I was essential to that process, and that I can contribute in meaningful ways.

I was privileged and comfortable back in California; with a cushy corporate job with high prospects of climbing the corporate ladder. Yet, I was restless, I was torn, I was hungry and wanted more. It was a spiritual calling, I needed to be living on purpose! That meant I had to be back home, in Sierra Leone.

Has a lot changed since you left?

Well, there is an adage that says, “the more things change, the more the stay the same” and that just about sums up my response to that question. There is still a whole lot to be done, the needle has yet to move in drastic ways that translate to an elevated social conscience. I still have hope that change is on the way, real transformative change that will allow us to embrace and take real advantage of the opportunities that abound on the continent.

What have you enjoyed most about living in Sierra Leone since you moved back?

I have enjoyed my growth —both spiritually, professionally, and psychologically! The journey has been very rewarding on so many different fronts. The move back home afforded me the freedom to explore, to develop and bring out my entrepreneurship! And for that, I am most grateful!

Source: She Leads Africa