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September 2018 – Is your company ready for the talent of the future?


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A.I. and robotics will create 133 million new roles by 2022, according to a recent report by the World Economic Forum. BUT does your company have the right talent to perform these new roles? Read more below.

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We can help you find talent for the future
Developments in artificial intelligence and automation could see the emergence of 133 million new roles by 2022, according to The Future of Jobs 2018 report by the World Economic Forum.

The report noted that while these advances could see 75 million jobs displaced, A.I. and robotics will create almost 60 million more jobs than they destroy.  It also stressed the need for new skill sets for employees as labour between machines and humans continue to evolve.

Faye Tessendorf, Managing Director at Homecoming Revolution says in order to remain relevant and competitive in future, companies will need a nimble and adaptable workforce with transferrable skills.

“Technology is having a drastic impact on how the world of work will look over the next 5 years. Hiring the right talent is more critical to business success than ever before. In a time of rapid change and advancement, companies are placing a greater focus on candidates who are able to adapt, accept change and thrive in a continuously evolving and challenging environment.”

“Companies committed to a sustainable future need to identify individuals who are problem solvers, creative and forward thinkers. Homecoming Revolution’s unique approach to global headhunting ensures candidates are assessed on not only their technical capabilities, but on their softer skills,” she continues.

Tessendorf adds that many of the global employers the headhunting firm works with are placing considerable strategic focus on a candidate’s soft skills, with the belief that technical skills can be taught.

“Our aim is to ensure we help future-proof our clients by headhunting candidates who will be able to survive and thrive in the fast-evolving workplace.”

For more information on Homecoming Revolution’s headhunting services, contactfaye@homecomingrevolution.comif you’d like us to keep an eye out for specific talent or if to find out about our global events.

Executives on the Move: Executive Head of the SBF Foundation
Halli Manolakos-Tsehisi has been appointed as Executive Head of Students for a Better Future Foundation.

She is responsible for managing the implementation, evaluation and continued growth and development of the key functions of the foundation: scholarship recruitment; Grade 7 preparatory programme; school scholarship programme; tertiary programme and Alumni Association.

When asked what appealed most about the role, Halli said, “This position was a chance to part of an exciting organisation, whose core values are directly aligned to my own personal values.”

Throughout her career, Halli has lived and worked in many different communities across Sub-Saharan Africa, and within South Africa.

Prior to joining SBF, she held a position at Orbis International Africa, as Head of Programme Development Africa. Prior to this, she held positions at The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, BroadReach and University of the Western Cape…Read more.

For Employers – See Our Talent Hot List
Please get in touch if you are interested in recruiting any of the following candidates:

Kenyan Male – Director of Sales, Marketing & Customer Engagement – Technology
South African EE Male – Executive Head New Business Development Africa – Transport & Logistics
Nigerian Female – Head of Human Resources & Organizational Development – Human Capital
Cameroonian Male – Project & Operations Lead – Hospitality
South African EE Female – Senior Marketing Manager – Broadcast Media
Kenyan Female – Senior Internal Auditor – Financial Services
South African Female – Senior Lawyer – Mergers & Acquisitions, wants to return from France
Zambian Male – KYC Case Lead – Asset Management, wants to return from England
Ghanaian Female – Senior Coverage Banker, wants to return from England
Nigerian Male – Senior Marketing Manager – Advertising
Kenyan Male – Head of Operations – NGO
South African Male – Senior Project, Strategic & Operations Lead – Retail, wants to return from England
Kenyan Male – Biomedical Scientist – Pharmaceutical
South African EE Male – Franchise Lead – Banking
Nigerian Female – VP Strategic Partnerships – Information Technology
South African EE Female – Country Head – Consumer Goods
Senegalese Female – Country Sales Manager – Logistics
Kenyan Male – Senior Finance Executive – Banking
South African EE Female – Group Communications Manager – FMCG
Ghanaian Male – Chief Financial Officer – Financial Services
Kenyan Male – Head Revenue Assurance – Financial Services
South African EE Male – Strategy Manager – Banking
Ugandan Female – Manager Finance & Business Operations – Telecommunications
Nigerian Male – Executive Director – Broadcast Media
South African Female – Head of Marketing & Business Development – Legal
Nigerian Male – Team Lead Customer Service – Banking

A Selection of Job Opportunities
Group Marketing Director – Retail – Sub Saharan Africa
Senior Data Analysts – FMCG – Nairobi/Lagos/Johannesburg/Cape Town
Store Operations Divisional Executive – Consumer Goods – Johannesburg
Digital Transformation Executive – Insurance – Nairobi
Chief Financial Officer – Fintech – Lagos
Managing Director Financial Services – Advisory Firm – Lagos
Head of Brand – Retail – Johannesburg
Programme Director – Retail – Cape Town
Marketing Manager – Pharmaceutical – Kenya
Chief Executive Officer – Non-profit – Johannesburg
Head of Product – Fintech Multinational – Lagos
Senior Internal Auditor – Retail – Cape Town
Country Manager – Equipment Multinational – Lagos
Chief Operating Officer – Insurance – Johannesburg
Sales Director – Fintech – Kigali
Country Manager – Fintech – Nairobi
Logistics Director – FMCG – East Africa
Merchandising Executive – Consumer Goods – Johannesburg
Chief Risk Officer – Banking – Dar es Salaam
Senior IT Auditor – Retail – Cape Town
We are continually working on many roles in addition to the ones above. So, if you’re in the market, please make sure we have your CV so we can match you to opportunities as they arise.
Africa’s Top 10 investment destinations
Rand Merchant Bank this month released its 8th annual Where to Invest in Africa guide. Egypt, South Africa and Morocco retained the top 3 spots on the continent.

This is followed by Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Tunisia and Cote d’Ivoire.

The report looks at economic activity, economic growth rate and the business environment of Africa as a whole to determine which country is doing well. Click here for more information.

London Event Live
We’re fresh off the plane from hosting our latest London event – see next month’s newsletter for all the news and insights.

Homecomer Stories:

“I choose home”

I have just returned, to the place I call home, SOUTH AFRICA after living in a van and traveling halfway around Australia alone. It was absolutely liberating. I learnt things that far surpassed my expectations and met beautiful strangers who taught me some of life’s craziest lessons.

It’s been a strange feeling coming home. People always look at me with a subdued sense of shame in their eyes. “Aghhh Shame man, why did you come home?” I’m constantly surprised by their response.

But now I have got used to it, as after about the 20th time, I realised that this is how majority of people think.

People wondering why on earth would I choose to come back to South Africa? To this ‘failing’ country as most of them put it, this place with no future. And every time my response is the same and said with GEES and straight from the heart: I CHOSE TO COME HOME.

To my country, to my people, my family. To the land that I was born in. Because this is where my heart resides…Read more.

“Living with ‘what ifs’ will drain your energy”

Amanda Quick and her family lived in the Middle East for four years before making the decision to return home.

We moved back for family and are very happy! There’s much more opportunity for entrepreneurship in South Africa.  Always remember, living with ‘what ifs’ will drain your energy and kill your spirit!

Nothing in life is permanent! If you move back and are not happy, you can always go back or move elsewhere. Your international experience and knowledge is priceless…Live, love and laugh always!


“The diaspora will help multiply success stories on the ground”

We speak to Miranda Oben, Award-winning IT Engineer, internationally reputed multi-lingual presenter and founder of the Returnees Project on why it is so important for Cameroon’s Diaspora to return home…Read more.


“My gut was telling me to return home”

Analytical chemist Anthony Gachanja returned to Kenya with a mission to bring chemistry and equipment to scientists.

Torn between an extremely attractive career in a developed country or returning home to laboratories lacking basic equipment, Gachanja was forced to decide who needed him most as an analytical chemist: Africa or the developed world?

“One part of me really wanted to remain in the UK, but my gut was telling me I should go back to Africa to see what I could do for instrumentation and the use of analytical techniques in Africa,” he says.

Realising his impact on science would be greater back in Kenya, he returned. His immediate actions were to spend a number of months visiting different industries across the country to discuss their analytical problems and needs. Here he saw first-hand the challenges facing chemists working in analytical laboratories. Gachanja strongly believes that improper access to analytical techniques has had a detrimental impact on many of the country’s sectors, including the economy, trade and the environment.

“You get to Africa, you have the knowledge, you have the energy, but you don’t have any facilities. How are you supposed to learn practical skills and do basic research?” says Gachanja…Read more.