Jul 27

“Time to listen, time to be true, time to go home”

Below is a poem written by South African expat Cat Cade who recently made the decision to return home in October after 14.5 years in London.

It’s time

South Africa is pulling me home.
Forever present in my heart, my head is filling with its presence.
Time to listen.
Time to be true.
Time to go home.

Cape Town? Small coastal town?
Somewhere by the sea where my spirit can fly free and frolic in the waves
as they kiss the sunburnt soil of my homeland.

Johannesburg? The vibrant city of my childhood that is jostling with the past,
trying to create a new future. To be close to two of my biggest inspirations
in life – my parents. Plus so many friends and family who are
still there, and fill my heart with joy to be around.

There is a space for me, somewhere I can connect others and enhance the
life we have been given.
I know this. It’s time to trust this. Time to trust myself.
As scary as it seems, I can’t hide in the shallows anymore. Time to dive
deep and find the treasures buried below.

South Africa – I’m finally coming home.

  • Cat Cade