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‘I felt I could contribute more to society’

Born to a Sierra Leonean/Ghanaian father and American mother, Cordie sold all of her belongings, cashed out on her retirement fund and showed up at Accra’s Kotoka International airport with 4 pieces of luggage ready to begin a new life in 2011.

Though raised in the United States, her father planted a love for Africa within her. After attaining a Master’s degree in Communications, Cordie worked in that field in America with her career path eventually leading her to work for the United States Congress Committee on Homeland Security. Here, her passion for Africa was rekindled with intensity. Working for one of the most powerful organizations in the world was very humbling, but also very frustrating at times as a member of the African Diaspora, seeing many African countries not getting what they deserved.

On repatriating, Cordie says  100% “do it!” Cordie came to Ghana because she felt she could be a greater contributor to society.  She warns candidly though that one must ensure they are financially ready to make the move. She was able to find her feet in the initial two years while living off savings.

Dabbling in a few business ideas including marketing consulting, she eventually found her purpose in waste management and founded Environment 360 in 2014. Four years later, the organization is known for creating the first successful community plastics recycling program and is sought out by multi-national and diplomatic agencies to run projects. “I must say it is an amazing feeling to know that we are impacting so many lives and creating opportunity for so many people.”

Cordie is a member of Ahaspora, a community of young Ghanaian professionals who have lived or been educated outside Ghana and have returned home.

About Ahaspora

We want to use our knowledge, skills, and resources to make Ghana a better place to live. “Aha” is an Akan word for “Here” and “Spora” is a stem of Diaspora. This name befits our new status of being home, but coming from and having the mindset of the Diaspora. By bridging the gap between us who left and those who held the fort, we aim to share ideas and experiences in building a true “Gateway to Africa”.

Our Vision

To provide a support system for young Ghanaian professionals and like-minded individuals who are thinking about or have returned home, and to provide a forum for this group to positively impact our country individually and as a collective group. Our underlying theme is “Changing Mindsets, Channeling our Future” stemmed from our belief that by fostering informed minds through giving back, Ghana’s future is poised to be great.

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