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November 2016 – Do the Job to Get the Job


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We’re the recruitment firm for global Africans

It’s been a busy month of successful recruitment and pan-African networking.

With the unpredictability of the African working environment, read further about the importance of “work simulations” in predicting work performance.

Homecoming Revolution’s story was featured at TEDx Johannesburg and amazing relationships where cemented at the African Leadership Gathering in Mauritius.

From Nigeria to Kenya to South Africa, if you’re a candidate looking for opportunities back home, make sure you have a look at our selection of pan-African job opportunities.

If you’re an employer looking for top professional skills, please get in touch.

Have an amazing month ahead.

Onwards & Upwards
The Homecoming Revolution Team

Do the Job to Get the Job
Capital is not scarce in Africa – it’s Talent.

And as much as the continent is investing in education, we can’t train people fast enough. We need senior skills NOW. We need globally experienced senior Africans to come home. They are required across all sectors – Financial Services, TMT, Consulting, Construction & Engineering, Health and Education.

But the African work environment is one of unpredictability. Candidates who cannot navigate ambiguity will fall short if they don’t have quick decision-making ability, tenacity, social awareness or patience.

So how can you make sure that a candidate will succeed in the role? Read more.

Faye Tessendorf, Homecoming Revolution Director, shares her thoughts of her experience at the African Leadership Network Gathering in Mauritius from 2nd – 5th November 2016.

On the first day of ALN all sitting under a marquee with the blue ocean shimmering in front of us, we had the privilege of listening to jazz icon, Kirk Whalum opening up the theme for the conference which was the ‘Art of Leading’. Having come from a corporate environment, I had never associated Leading with Art – but over the next few days I learned very powerful tools for identifying and nurturing leadership traits… Read more.

homecoming-revolution-wendy-luhabe-mbazima-shlowaWendy Luhabe (left), Founder and Chair of Women Private Equity Fund, Social Development & Community Services, Founder of Wendy Luhabe Foundation, Social Development & Community Services. Mbazima Shilowa (right), Co-founder of Congress of the People, Politician, Member of the communist Party.
 Jo-Anne Strauss, Miss South Africa & media personality.homecoming-revolution-jo-anne-strauss
 Strive Masiyiwa, Chairman and founder of Econet.homecoming-revolution-strive-masiyiwa
homecoming-revolution-ngozi-okonjo-lwealaNgozi Okongo-Iweala, is an Igbo Nigerian & a highly
respected & influential global leader, economist, policy maker & thinker on Finance & Economic Development. She has been listed 5 years consecutively as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World by Forbes Magazine.
homecoming-revolution-fred-issac-achaVeda Sunassee, Director Student Life at ALU, Fred Swaniker, Founder & Executive Chairman, African Leadership Academy, Steve Boelke, Leadership Developer, Isaac Kwaku Foku, Founder of Botho Limited, a Nairobi-based investment advisory company. Acha Leke, Senior partner (Director) in McKinsey’s Johannesburg office.
homecoming-revolution-kirk-whalumKirk Whalum, an American smooth jazz saxophonist and songwriter.
homecoming-revolution-khanyi-moliehiKhanyi Dlhomo (left), South African TV Host and the founder & CEO of Ndalo Media & Ndalo Luxury Ventures, founder of DestinyConnect & the founding editor of Destiny Magazine. Moliehi Molekoa (right), is the Buiness Unit Head: Africa at Magna Carta.
homecoming-revolution-kris-marciaKris Senanu, Managing Director of Access Kenya Group, one of Kenya’s largest Internet service providers. Marcia Ashton, Co Founder and CEO of the Brace Energy Group.
homecoming-revolution-ani-moliehi-nglan-pepukayeAni Kharajian, Senior Director New Markets Harvard Business School. Moliehi Molekoa is the Buiness Unit Head: Africa at Magna Carta. Nglan Niat, Group HR Manager (West Africa) Schlumberger. Pepukaye Bardouille, Senior Operations Officer IFC.
homecoming-revolution-faye-angel-sunilFaye Tessendorf, Director at Homecoming Revolution. Sunil Hassamal CEO Shibani Finance. Angel Jones, CEO Homecoming Revolution.
homecoming-revolution-brett-bradBrett and Brad Magrath of Zoona. Winners of the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship.
homecoming-revolution-naadiya-selma-hemaNaadiya Moosajee, Co-founder WomEng. Selma Shimutwikeni, MD of Rich Africa. Hema Vallabh, Co-founder WomEng.
Return Home to Botswana
TEDX Johannesburg
homecoming-revolution-tedx-angel-jonesOn 24th November 2016, Angel Jones, CEO of Homecoming Revolution had the unique opportunity of sharing the homecoming story on the stage of TEDx Johannesburg.

Angel told the audience about how the idea for Homecoming Revolution started, from these words long ago: “I love you all so much I want to put you in my pocket and take you home” from Madiba in Trafalgar Square in London. She then went on to demonstrate how Homecoming is bringing back to the continent the talent and skills of Africans abroad. Formerly a non-profit organisation, Homecoming Revolution is now a commercial recruitment company, specialising in head-hunting and placing global talent across the continent. With unique marketing strategies, an unrivalled network and inspirational global events, Homecoming Revolution is the first of its kind in Africa.

The video will be released early next year.

A Selection of Job Opportunities
We are recruiting for top roles across a variety of sectors across the continent. Ensure we have your details by uploading your CV & please spread the word to your friends & family.

Homecomer Stories: Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

There is a sense of joy that comes with coming home and embracing the feeling of comfort that comes with being in the motherland. Nyakarima Kim, who speaks of the Kenyan diaspora, expresses the genuine difficulty that comes with moving back to Kenya.


The reality is that Africa is moving but things are still slow. Nyakarima’s story outlines the planning and dedication it takes to come back home from abroad including the need for constant visits before moving back, the importance of finding a job, the documentation required and the importance of understanding the social and political climate. Importantly, the typical expectation that having a foreign degree will set you up on a path of success and glory, must be tempered with the fact that this is not necessarily true in Kenya… Read more.


The joy of moving home doesn’t’t disappear with the flaws and hiccups that come with Africa. This place is harbored with opportunity and prosperity one needs to come with optimism.

A good example is a piece by Deinte Dan-Princewill titled “How to Move Back to Nigeria” where the beauty of being Nigerian is contrasted with all its flaws.


A good attitude helps to overcome the difficult obstacles and helps make the adjustment smooth.

Outside of the horrendous traffic and overpopulation of the Nigerian cities, the article speaks of the food, beaches and extraordinary personalities that bring life and fulfillment to the people. This rare combination cannot be found anywhere else in the world and ensure that Nigeria is an everlasting beacon of hope… Read more.



Kwesi Prah Dzapong, is a South African who initially moved to China to study and ended up working and residing there for about five years. Kwesi was in a state of constant culture shock during his stay in China from the food, the language that he learnt fluently and the ordinary day-to-day way activities that seemed strange and unfamiliar.

I chose to come back home not because I missed my family as much as that was a factor the unfamiliarity never left despite learning to maneuver around the city and learn the language the place never became home it lacked the comfort of home the culture of love and Bunt. But more so the revolution was coming and is still coming and I want to be there to witness it. The political climate was becoming interesting and revolutionary, but also opportunities were growing. Due to my qualifications being in Chinese history I felt the importance of coming back home and educating the people of South Africa on the Chinese imperialism we were witnessing. Moving back home was not easy considering that I had gotten used to the way of life in China… Read more.

Having a Whale of a Time
On November 26, 2016 Kienan Donnelly captured some incredible footage of a pod of at least 60 humpback whales migrating south past Cape Town. You heard right, these are WHALES, not dolphins… Watch the video here.
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