Mar 05

‘Natural intuition brought me back to Nigeria’

“Foresight and natural intuition is what brought me back to Nigeria and as patriotic Nigerian I thought it was a positive move to be in Africa and feel the energy,” Ishmael Balogun, chief executive of Goldmine Global said.

“When I returned it was not about economic terms as there were defined terms of engagement but I knew that I would figure out the rationale behind my return,” he added.

“I am creating employment, taking Nigerians from joblessness and getting them to do something and have something to look forward to.”

Balogun said as an entrepreneur, one need to have a sense of humour as things can turn left easily.

Balogun who has been back into Africa for about a decade now says he is happy and positive that he returned into Africa.

Even though things were not that bad in United States around 2002 and 2003, I felt that remaining in the West was not the best option for me,” he reiterated.

“It was a personal decision to return home, it was a crazy experience as I had to deal with people with degrees but who were not articulate.”

“When you are transiting into Nigeria or any African economy it should be a three step plan. One should start by visiting doing your analysis, study the lifestyle changes in your preferred new environment and assess sustainability issues especially in the event of losing a job,” says Balogun.

This article first appeared on CNBC Africa.