Apr 12

Trace Studios – Chief Executive Officer, Africa

Sivan Pillay has joined Trace Studios Africa as CEO. Sivan says it has been such an exciting time for both him and Trace.

It’s a big organisation and we have hit the ground running. Trace being a multinational company with an evolved media ecosystem, means the role is an opportunity to create and produce content globally and to help expand the production footprint.”

When asked about his experience with Homecoming Revolution, Sivan said, “This role was by no means straight-forward, but Homecoming Revolution allowed this conversation to break out of the box and shape into what it is today, so I am very thankful for that.” 

A seasoned TV and media executive, Sivan says Trace’s  ambition to make an impact socially and culturally was a key drawcard of the role. Sivan has executive produced many big brand TV shows and has also enjoyed many successful ventures in both digital and commercial deals in the entertainment industry.

Prior to joining Trace Studios,  Sivan was the founder and CEO of 360 Degrees South and Zero Gravity TV and Media. Before that, he was MD/CEO of Endemol Shine Africa for 9 years.