Sep 11

Africa’s first On-Demand Expertise Platform launches in South Africa

The Homecoming Revolution Group have launched a new platform called Insights by Experts.

The product allows companies and investors to instantly request one-on-one video chats with hundreds of top African professionals across a wide range of African countries and industries.

This provides an easy way for investors and decision-makers to access a sounding board of the “been there, done that” with relevant, on-the-ground information across Sub-Saharan Africa. The experts are on-the-ground, have “seen it all” and are ready to chat. They have been handpicked by Homecoming Revolution, the Executive Search Firm for Africa, since 2003.

Built as a B2B e-commerce offering, each expert’s availability and pricing is available on the website, so quick and convenient bookings can be made. Automated calendar invites with video links are seamlessly sent to both parties.

Key customers include investors, multinationals, private equity firms, management consulting companies and Development Finance Institutions.The platform is a convenient tool to for up-to-date market intelligence, idea validation, due diligence planning, proposal delivery and the creation of unique, proprietary knowledge.

The Founding Team

The Insights by Experts founding team includes South African, Angel Jones (South African & CEO Homecoming Revolution), Stephen Okelo-Odongo (Kenyan & ex-McKinsey, Roy Masamba (Zimbabwean & ex-HR Director Vodafone) and Paul Salvage (South African & ex-Group CIO MTN).

Angel Jones, CEO Homecoming Revolution & co-Founder of Insights by Experts comments: “There are thousands of companies and funders who want to invest in Africa, but they are constrained by a lack of quick and relevant up-to-date knowledge. Now with Insights by Experts, they can chat to astute African executives who can offer valuable on-the-ground insights at the touch of a button.”
Stephen Okelo-Odongo, co-Founder & Director of Insights by Experts, says “This will contribute to economic growth in Africa by connecting decision-makers and shapers to unique sources of information”
Roy Masamba, co-Founder & Director Insights by Experts, “I’m passionate about showcasing African talent and putting them at the epicentre of where the action is.”
Paul Salvage, co-Founder & Director Insights by Experts says, “I’ve worked in 24 countries across Africa and the Middle East. I’m proud to be involved in a business that helps others gain insight and knowledge on how to succeed in the region.”

More About Homecoming Revolution

Homecoming Revolution is an Executive Search firm that specialises in globally experienced African talent, established in 2003. With a passion for building Africa’s prosperity, Homecoming Revolution has a unique database of over 5 000 global senior African professionals. They have hosted over 60 global events and have been nurturing strong expert relationships for almost two decades, including face-to-face interactions with thousands of globally experienced Africans. Homecoming Revolution has recruited for 75% of Africa’s top banks, retailers and advisory firms and 50% of Africa’s top FMCG and logistics firms.Their offerings include pan-African Executive Search; Candidate Catalogues, Bespoke Events, HR Consulting and On-Demand Business Expertise.

Comments from the Insights by Experts Advisory Board

Dr Maggie Kigozi (ex-Exec Director Ugandan Investment Authority): “With Insights by Experts we are unveiling the best kept secrets to the land of opportunity”.
Michael Ikpoki (ex-CEO MTN Nigeria & Ghana): “The opportunity of working with a progressive African company like Homecoming Revolution and other African leaders to develop a bespoke Afro-centric knowledge sharing platform for African minds was too compelling an idea not to be part of”.
Prof Yap Boum (Africa Cameroon): “I have joined the Insights by Experts board to bridge the gap between Africa and the diaspora willing to contribute to our continent’s transformation”.
Enyo Kumahor (WEF Young Global Leader Ghana): “It is well-acknowledged that there is a deficit in African market intelligence… Now for the first time that I have seen, Insights by Experts has a well-thought through and tailored service that allows one to tap into vast knowledge at the click of the button. Of course I had to be a part of that catalysis of business-in-Africa acumen. Buckle-up! This is Africa market insights beyond what you imagined possible – direct from the influencers themselves.”
Dr Iain Barton (ex-CEO CHAI) “Building a platform that leverages African knowledge to solve African problems was something I really wanted to be part of”

Final words

Comments Jones: “This is a dream that’s been a long time in the making. It’s a great privilege to harness our incredible virtual network to stimulate FDI, create jobs and build Africa’s prosperity”.


Angel Jones
November 11, 2021

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