May 29

May 2020 – South Africans still want to return despite the pandemic.


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Wishing you and your families health and safety during these unusual times.

The Homecoming Revolution Team

South Africans still want to return despite COVID-19
Homecoming Revolution did an anecdotal survey of a pool of South Africans abroad who had expressed an interest in returning home at the beginning of this year.

We asked them if they felt differently now. Of our sample of approx 100 candidates, 90% of them still wanted to return home despite the pandemic. 10% were undecided.

Belinda M, in New Zealand says, “I just want African Soil…. This pandemic doesn’t scare me, the ‘being stuck’ feeling does scare me.”

Candice M, in the UK says, “Our immigration flights….were cancelled. So heartbreaking.
Now we’re living amongst boxes waiting to see what happens with the economy and if we will still have jobs to go to by the end of it. If not, we’ll be staying here. It’s tough living with a foot in each country.”

Sarah R, in the UK says, “We had planned (to return home) for August, and were going end March for ‘holiday/organising’ trip. Neither is happening now, but I am desperate to go still.”

Valerie G, in the UK says, “ I definitely want to go back – I would have been home already if it wasn’t for the virus as I was planning on leaving in May/June. Now I am stuck in the UK.”

Spike in demand for temporary and virtual skills

Angel Jones, CEO of Homecoming Revolution says the Executive Search firm has experienced a rise in inquiries from various employers seeking both contract and virtual employees.

“COVID-19 has been a massive experiment for the world of work, with many companies realizing that they do not necessarily need a permanent hire, but can rather harness their talent remotely, either on a temporary or permanent basis. As the world adjusts to this ‘new normal’, we anticipate a growing number of African businesses to start following suit.”

Homecoming Revolution specialises in globally-experienced talent-based both abroad and at home.

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For Employers – See Our Talent Hot List
Please get in touch if you’re interested in recruiting any of the following candidates:

South African Female – Chief Financial Officer – Professional Services
South African EE Female – Chief People Officer – TMT/Logistics
Kenyan Female – HR Executive – FMCG
South African EE Male – Sales Director – Software
Nigerian Male – MD West Africa – Consumer Goods
South African EE Male – Country Operations Manager – FMCG
South African EE Female – HR Manager – Food & Beverage
Nigerian Male – Chief Commercial Officer – Pharmaceutical
South African EE Male – CTO – Financial Services
Kenyan Male – Group HR Manager – FMCG
South African EE Female – Chief Executive – Retail
Nigerian Male – Global Marketing Manager – Pharmaceutical
South African EE Female – COO – Healthcare
Nigerian Male – Sales Operations Manager – Food & Beverage
South African EE Male – Chief Commercial Officer – Food & Beverage
Nigerian Male – Financial Director – Consumer Goods
South African EE Female – Executive Director – Social Enterprise
South African Male – Marketing Operations Manager – Information Technology
South African EE Female – Marketing Director – Banking
Ghanaian Male – Risk Management Consultant – Management Consulting
South African Male – Marketing Operations Manager – Information Technology
South African EE Female – Divisional Head Group Brand & Marketing – Financial Services
Nigerian Male – Supply Chain Director – Pharmaceutical
Kenyan Female – Principal – Management Consulting
Congolese Male – Financial Director – Information Technology
South African EE Female – Chief Marketing Officer – Financial Services

A Selection of Career Opportunities
Below is a topline summary of roles we are working on. Please submit your CV here.

Managing Director – Supply Chain & Logistics – Lagos
Country Manager – Healthcare – Nairobi
Managing Director – Logistics – Nairobi
Principal – Management Consulting – Nairobi
Marketing Director – Insurance – Johannesburg
Chief Technology Officer – Manufacturing – Johannesburg
Chief Financial Officer – Non-Profit – Cape Town
Financial Director – FMCG – Johannesburg
Commercial Director – FMCG – Lagos
Product Head – Consumer Electronics – Nairobi
Chief Technology Officer – Financial Services – Johannesburg
Sales Director – Software – Addis Ababa
Chief Executive Officer – Non Profit – Cape Town
Principal Capital Markets – Advisory – Nairobi
Senior Marketing Manager – Professional Services – Johannesburg