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January 2020 – 4 ways Employers Recruit for Digital Transformation


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The ever-evolving digital landscape is changing the world of work. Yet to ensure true digital transformation across your organization, it’s critical your workforce is digitally ready too.  Read more below.

Our global database of over 32 000 professionals worldwide continues to grow each month. If you’re an employer seeking to fill scarce-skill vacancies, take a look at our Top Talent below or get in touch. If you’re a candidate in the market for a new opportunity with leading Sub-Saharan employers, make sure to Register Your CV.

This month’s Executives on the Move highlights one of our most recent Executive Placements. Be sure to take a look below.

We hope you have a great month ahead.

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The Homecoming Revolution Team

4 ways Employers recruit for Digital Transformation
Companies in every industry across the globe are digitalizing their operations in preparation for the future world of work, leaving many ill-equipped to find the right talent they need to help drive and enforce the transformation.

A recent global survey of 1000 business leaders by Harvard Business Review examined what ‘digitally-ready’ employers are doing differently to ensure they find and retain the right skills:

  1. They look for potential, not credentials
  2. They value soft skills as much as technical ones
  3. They think about teams, not individuals
  4. They incentivize employees to grow
    Read more.

Homecoming Revolution offers bespoke talent catalogues of our vast global network of African professional talent, enabling employers to assess their existing skills and identify those required for the future. Each catalogue is built from scratch according to each employer’s needs and specifications. Get in touch to find out more.

For Employers – See Our Talent Hot List
Please get in touch if you are interested in recruiting any of the following candidates:

South African EE Female – Head of Innovation – FMCG
South African EE Male – Group Head of IT – Computer & Network Security
Kenyan Male – Chief Operating Officer – Information Technology
South African EE Female – Senior Reputation Management Specialist – Marketing & Advertising
South African EE Male – Head Business Process Optimisation – Banking
Ghanaian Male – Head of Business Development – Information Technology
South African EE Female – Chief Executive – FMCG
South African EE Female – Senior Client Executive – Insurance
South African Male – Corporate & Investment Banking Executive – Banking
Rwandan Female – HR Specialist – Human Resources
South African EE Female – Head of Leadership Development – FMCG
South African EE Female – Sales Director – Information Technology
Nigerian Male – Chief Executive Officer – NGO
South African EE Male – Associate Director – Management Consulting
Kenyan Male – Group HR Manager – FMCG
South African EE Female – Vice President Analytics – Banking
Malawian Male – Group Financial Controller – Agriculture
South African Female – Marketing Director – Global Payments
Ghanaian Male – Tax Partner – Advisory
South African EE Male – Senior Executive – Healthcare
Kenyan Female – Senior Consultant – Advisory
South African Female – Chief Marketing Officer – Retail
Ugandan Female – Chief Commercial Officer – FMCG
Kenyan Male – Plant Director – FMCG
South African Female – Agile Business Consultant – Information Technology
Tanzanian Male – R & D Specialist – Food & Beverage
Kenyan Male – Sales & Marketing Director – FMCG
South African Male – Chief Executive Officer – Retail
Zambian Male – Technical Manager – Agriculture
South African Male – Head of Digital Solution Design – Information Technology
Nigerian Male – Senior Project Manager  – Information Technology
South African EE Female – Head of HR Learning & Development – Retail

Executives on the Move: Torque IT Managing Executive
Adrian Moorgas has been appointed as Managing Executive at Torque IT. In his new role, Adrian will be providing leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure proper operational controls, integration of systems, reporting procedures, and people systems. Significant focus will be on building an organisation that is future fit, as well as designing and delivering education and training for organisations of the future.

Adrian says a key attraction of the role at Torque IT was the major impact that the business will make to the broader South African market in leading the charge to adapt and evolve human capability as we deal with the new emerging technologies.

“I am really thrilled to work together with business leaders to see how Torque IT can be a catalyst to leverage the ‘network shared economy’ and new digital business by providing leading edge transformational training to evolve the future workforce.”

Comments Vinolia Singh, Chief People Officer at Adcorp, “We are on an exciting journey to transform our business and are always on the look out to attract and engage new talent. We are delighted that Adrian has taken up this amazing opportunity to join Adcorp and make an impact on the skills development across our country. I want to wish him a successful career and many years with us as we work together to change the lives of ordinary South Africans.”…Read more.

Seamless Southern Africa 2020
A Selection of Career Opportunities
Below is a topline summary of roles we are working on. Please submit your CV here.
Managing Director – Renewables – Nairobi
Chief Operations Officer – Consumer – Lagos
Managing Director – Professional Services – Johannesburg
Chief Financial Officer – Food Production – Lagos
Country Manager – Telecoms – Addis Ababa
Chief Marketing Officer – Insurance – Cape Town
Plant Director – Food Production – Lusaka
Chief Digital Officer – FMCG – Nairobi
Principal – Advisory – Cote d’Ivoire
Finance Director – TMT – Accra
Managing Director – Advertising – Johannesburg
CEO – Technology – Accra
Senior Account Executive – Insurance – Durban
Chief Transformation Officer – Retail – Cape Town
Head of Engineering – Insurance – Johannesburg
Chief Digital Officer – Beverages – Johannesburg
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The Deloitte Alchemy Africa Outlook executive conference brought together business figures and thought leaders to discuss trends and prospects facing companies on the continent. Some of the key issues tackled include how retail can capture the new emerging African consumer, Africa’s outlook for 2020 and what climate change means for business and companies in Africa.


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On an unremarkable day in 2015, Tosin Duratoye woke up and decided it was time to move back home. At the time, “home” was the United States where she’d spent her formative years and lived for over 20 years. However, her birth home – the home at the core of her identity and the home she would be returning to – was Nigeria. …Read more.


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