Aug 27

Head of Advertising at MAKRO

Tracy Roberts has been appointed as Head of Advertising at Makro, May 2019.

Within her new role, this experienced marketing and communications leader will be responsible for consistent and efficient best practice advertising and communication to ensure alignment of Makro’s strategic goals.

Commenting on her recent appointment, Tracy says “I feel very privileged and fortunate to be a part of this great company and the marketing team. This role is an opportunity to take everything that has been done at Makro and to utilize my experience and expertise to further enhance Makro’s marketing and advertising objectives”.

When asked about her experience working with Homecoming Revolution, she said “I cannot recommend Angel and her team highly enough. From the first moment Angel and I connected, every further interaction with Homecoming Revolution was professional and of the highest standard. They are just amazing.”

Tracy has strong retail experience, as well as extensive expertise in through-the-line integrated Agency and Branding services.