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May 2019 – Homecoming Insights: 34% of Africans abroad want to return


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34% of Africans living abroad want to return home, while 22% remain undecided. These are among the key insights gained from our Homecoming Trends Report 2019. Read some more key insights from the report below.

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Take a look at some photos from our recently held VIP Cocktail Event at The Saxon where Pan-African professionals gathered to network and hear insights from our report.

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Onwards & Upwards

The Homecoming Revolution Team

Homecoming Trends Report 2019: Highlights
On Wednesday 22nd May 2019 Homecoming Revolution, the “Brain Gain” headhunting firm for Africa, hosted a VIP Cocktail event at the Saxon Hotel where insights from the Homecoming Trends Report 2019 were shared.

There were approximately 2000 respondents, of which, 83% were South African, 11% were West African and 6% were East African.

Of the participants surveyed, 38% are living in the United Kingdom, 17% in the USA and Canada, 16% in Europe, 15% in Australia and New Zealand and 16% had already returned from working abroad.

Comment from Angel Jones, CEO of Homecoming Revolution, “The findings of this qualitative survey have provided us with key insights into the opinions and motivations of South Africans, East Africans and West Africans living abroad. Contrary to popular belief, 34% of Africans want to return home and 22% are still undecided. This is highly encouraging.  We welcome recent commentary in the news that the SA economy should start to pick up after this next quarter, and we have faith that President Ramaphosa will help South Africa become a fertile environment to attract skills home.”

Below are some key highlights:

This is one of the most interesting insights gained from the survey. “The fact that 34% want to return and 22% are undecided is highly encouraging, especially because the ‘undecided’ participants could decide to return in the next 5 to 10 years,” comments Angel.

Friends and Family remains the top reason for returning (24%), while Sense of Belonging (17%) and Weather & Lifestyle, (17%) are also key considerations for Africans living in the diaspora. Other factors cited include: Making a Difference (10%), Career (5%), Crime Improvement (5%), Entrepreneurial Opportunities (5%) and Political Stability (3%).

For Africans abroad, the most important factors in the workplace are: Autonomy (21%), Flexi-time (18%), Purpose (18%), Career Path (15%) and Education (13%).  Surprisingly, the respondents found that these important factors above were provided better abroad than at home.  Another interesting insight is that Gender & Diversity was not rated as an important factor in the workplace among respondents. Overall, respondents felt that a company’s help in their relocation back home is important.

Read more about some of they key findings from our survey here.

Homecoming Revolution VIP Cocktail at The Saxon
Over 60 African executives, captains of industry and executives from across the continent, and working across a host of industries, gathered to network and hear key insights of our Trend Reports.

Angel Jones presenting the findings from Homecoming Revolution’s 2019 Trends Report

Homecoming CEO Angel Jones presenting insights from the 2019 Homecoming Trends Report.

Suprian Kamotho (Operations & Finance Specialist in Consumer Goods), Anesu Charamba (Tech Strategist at Bytes) and Mwinda Kiula (Strategy & Planning Regional Management at Barclays) hearing insights from Homecoming Revolution’s 2019 Trends Report.

Raymond Chimhandaba (Director Handas Consulting), Francois Ameguide (CEO Bokito Corporation), Olatunji Pariola (Executive: Head, Digital Enablement, Wealth Digital at Standard Bank Group) & Stephen Okelo-Odongo (COO LexisNexis South Africa)

Tswelo Kodisang (Chief People Officer Discovery), Angel Jones (CEO Homecoming Revolution), Frank Aswani (MD Asili Consulting) & Christian Ndomba (Cummins Corporate Responsibility Leader Africa & Middle East)

Craig Wing (Partner Future World), Angel Jones, S’onqoba Vuba (Founder & MD Perpetu8) & Matshela Seshibe (Managing Director of Albany Bakeries)

Faye Tessendorf (Homecoming Revolution Managing Director), Alvin Peter (Programme Head: Group Strategy Standard Bank), Ekow Duker (Managing Director Ixio Analytics) & Suprian Kamotho (Operations & Finance Specialist in Consumer Goods)

Nonye Mpho Omotola (MD Africa Communications Media Group), Abey Tau (Head of Sasol Global Foundation Community Development Programmes) & Motla Mokgatle (Operations Coordinator at Homecoming Revolution)

Homecoming Team from L-R: Kelsey Gauld (Associate), Gia Kalk (Manager Talent at Brand), Thulani Tokwe (Associate), Faye Tessendorf (Managing Director), Naledi Simon (Office Coordinator), Motla Mokgatle (Operations Coordinator) & Angel Jones (CEO)

Khumo Shuenyane (Partner at Delta Partners), Angel Jones & Wanda Shuenyane (CEO & Owner at Sceptre Holdings)

Martine Schaffer (Independent Consultant at Giggal) & Abey Tau (Head of Sasol Global Foundation Community Development Programmes)

Thulani Tokwe (Associate at Homecoming Revolution) & Eva Kavuma (COO at African Risk Capacity)

Johanna Mukoki (Co-Founder & Group CEO Travel With Flair)

Iviwe Mqhakama (Marketing Head Kena Media)

Vinolia Singh (Chief People Officer Adcorp) & Terry Njuguna (Pricing & Programme Management Eskom)

Mwinda Kiula (Strategy & Planning Regional Management at Barclays) & Anesu Charamba (Tech Strategist at Bytes)

Angel Jones, Matimba Mbungela (CHRO Vodacom) & Mimi Kalinda (CEO & Co-Founder Africommunications Group)

Angel Jones, Adetunji Omotola (Founder Global Africa Connect) & Faye Tessendorf

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South African EE Female – Director – Investment Management
South African EE Male – Vice President Developer – Banking
Kenyan Male – Technical Lead – Engineering, wants to return to Kenya
South African EE Male – Chief Executive – Architecture & Planning
Tanzanian Male – Fellow specializing in East African Law – Legal
South African EE Female – Business Development Finance Manager – Telecoms
South African EE Female – Senior IAM Analyst – Information Technology & Services
Kenyan Male – Chief Operating Officer – Technology
South African EE Male – Senior Software Developer – Financial Services
South African EE Female – Senior C# Analyst Developer – Financial Services
Zimbabwean Male – Chief Executive – Insurance
South African EE Female – Senior Manager Analytics & Methodology – Banking
South African Male – CIO – Financial Services
Kenyan Male – Management Consultant –  Life Sciences & Healthcare
South African Male – Payments Tech Lead & Java Developer – Banking, wants to return to SA
Kenyan Female – Senior Programme Manager SAP – Human Resources
Zambian Male – Managing Partner – Marketing & Advertising
South African EE Male – Development Team Lead – Media & Broadcasting
South African EE Female – Java Developer – Computer Software
Nigerian Male – Chief Technology Officer – Information Technology & Services
South African EE Male – IT Business Operations Analyst – Information Technology & Services
South African EE Male – Senior Java Developer – Computer Software

A Selection of Job Opportunities
Chief Financial Officer – Fintech – Johannesburg
VAS Executive – Retail – Cape Town
Head of Software Development – Banking – Johannesburg
Category Director – Retail – Johannesburg
Group Company Secretary – Professional Services – Johannesburg
Chief Executive Officer – Real Estate Investment – Cape Town
HR Director – FMCG – Nairobi
Managing Director – Manufacturing – Lusaka
International Sales Director – Manufacturing – Cape Town
Financial Director – Advisory – Lagos
Plant Director – Agriculture – Dar es Salaam
Chief Financial Officer – Consulting – Johannesburg
Treaty Executive – Global Reinsurance Company – Johannesburg
Chief Financial Officer – Real Estate – Cape Town
Head of Sales – FMCG – Maputo
General Manager – Pharma – Nairobi
Ecommerce Exec – Retail – Johannesburg
Chief Marketing Officer – FMCG – Lagos
Digital Transformation Director – Manufacturing – Johannesburg
Head of Sales – Computer Software – Lagos
Commercial Director – Multinational Tech Company – Nairobi
Chief Information Officer – TMT – Johannesburg
We are continually working on many roles in addition to the ones above. So, if you’re in the market, please make sure we have your CV so we can match you to opportunities as they arise.
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