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March 2019 – Six of the most requested skills in Sub-Saharan Africa


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Global technology disruption has had a significant impact on the types of skills required by Sub-Saharan African employers, with many now seeking candidates with specialist skills in tech-driven sectors. Read about six of the most in-demand skills across Sub-Saharan Africa below.

We’re working on several high-level roles across the continent so if you’re in the market for a new opportunity, upload your CV. If you’re needing top talent, employers get in touch.

Make sure you take a look at this month’s Executives on the Move as well as the exciting events we attended.

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Onwards & Upwards

The Homecoming Revolution Team

Executives on the Move: WeThinkCode Managing Director
Nyari Samushonga has joined South African tech institution WeThinkCode as Managing Director.

Nyari will be responsible for building on the success of WeThinkCode by driving sustainable expansion across Africa. With over 16 years of experience as a business leader, digital strategist and financial consultant in South Africa, the United States, Tanzania and Zimbabwe she has the depth and breadth of experience to leverage.

When asked what appealed to her about the opportunity with WeThinkCode, she said the role encompassed a number of things she is passionate about.

“This role presents an opportunity to make an impact on the technological landscape of Sub-Saharan Africa. We are looking to continue to revolutionise the learning pathways that close the digital skills gap while at the same time addressing the problem of gender and racial inclusivity in the sector.“

Nyari said since joining, it’s been a highly exciting and interesting challenge…Read more.

Six of the most requested skills in Sub-Saharan Africa
Global technology disruption has had a significant impact on the types of skills required by Sub-Saharan African employers, with many now seeking candidates with specialist skills in tech-driven sectors.

Faye Tessendorf, Managing Director at Homecoming Revolution, says this has resulted in a real struggle by employers to find high-level candidates possessing the necessary skills, especially in an already tight talent market.

The company, which specializes in sourcing and headhunting scarce skill African talent across the globe, says businesses are now seeking executives possessing a wider mix of skills.

“The rise of automation, artificial intelligence, and digital tools are making jobs more complex and demand a hybrid of skills. Candidates now need to not only understand their own sectors, but the evolving digital ecosystem as a whole.”

Tessendorf says the most requested skills from employers across the continent include:

  1. C-suite: CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, CIO
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Data Analytics
  4. E-commerce
  5. Fintech
  6. Software Development

She says the global challenge to fill high-level, scarce skill positions is further compounded by a lack of critical soft skills.

“Employers need to assess candidates not only on their hard skills, but on their soft skills, critical skills required in the new world of work. At Homecoming Revolution, we adopt a holistic approach to the headhunting process, evaluating candidates not only on their technical abilities but on their creative thinking, ability to problem-solve, empathy and innovation.”

Tessendorf says the headhunting firm adopts a unique approach to headhunting scarce skill talent by tapping into its extensive global network of over 37 000 African professionals across the globe.

“We source and place talent with a global outlook, those who have lived and worked abroad, as well as those possessing a globalized understanding of the workplace.”

In the News: Homecoming Revolution on CNBC Africa
Our CEO Angel Jones spoke to CNBC Africa and shared Homecoming Revolution’s latest global headhunting insights on the African “Brain Gain” and the key reasons skilled professionals are making the decision to return home. Click here to watch the full interview.
For Employers – See Our Talent Hot List
Please contact our headhunters if you are interested in recruiting any of the following candidates:

Nigerian Female – Head of Service Excellence – Telecommunications
South African EE Male – CIO & Shared Services Executive – Consumer Goods
Kenyan Male – Chief Commercial Officer – Computer Software
Nigerian Female – Senior Consultant – Financial Services
South African EE Male – VP Big Data & Advanced Analytics – Banking
South African EE Male – Africa Business Development Executive – Information Technology
Zimbabwean Female – Senior Associate Consultant – Management Consulting
South African EE Female – Digital Engagement Partner – Banking
Cameroonian Male – CFO – Banking
South African Female – Creative Director – Marketing & Advertising
Nigerian Female – Digital Marketing Executive – Marketing & Advertising
South African EE Male – Startups Lead Africa – Financial Services
Kenyan Female – PR & Communications Executive – Non-profit
South African EE Female – Commercial Relationship Executive – Banking
Zambian Male – Country Director – Financial Services
South African EE Female – Senior Procurement & Category Sales Manager – Retail
Ugandan Female – Communications Manager – Marketing & Advertising
South African EE Male – Director – Management Consulting
Zambian Female – Senior Finance Manager – Education Management
South African EE Female – Africa Brand Manager – Marketing & Advertising
Kenyan Female – Business Development Lead – Financial Services
South African Male – Southern Africa District Manager – Information Technology
Ugandan Female – General Manager – Financial Services
South African EE Female – Strategic Lead Research, Insights & Strategy – Market Research
Kenyan Male – Commercial Finance Lead Sub-Saharan Africa – IT
Nigerian Male – Head of Sales & Marketing – Banking
South African Male – Senior Operations Manager – Consumer Goods
Nigerian Male – Chief Operating Officer – Consumer Goods
South African EE Female – Senior Associate – Financial Services
Kenyan Male – Senior Strategy & Innovation Manager – Investment Management

Cambridge Business in Africa Conference
A Selection of Job Opportunities
Digital Transformation Director – Manufacturing – Johannesburg
Chief Information Officer – TMT – Johannesburg
Head of Investor Relations – Private Equity – Lagos
ECommerce Director – Retail – Nairobi
Managing Director – Consumer Goods – Dar Es Salaam
Commercial Director – Technology MNC – Nairobi
Head of Legal & IR – Retail – Johannesburg
Country Manager – Food & Beverage – Lusaka
Sales Director – Software – Lagos
HR Tech Specialist – Professional Services – Johannesburg
Agriculture Manager – Food Production – Durban
Chief Commercial Director – Manufacturing – Ghana
Agriculture Manager – Consumer Goods- Maputo
Factory Manager – Food & Beverage – Lilongwe
CEO – Food Production – Mbabane
E-commerce Director – Retail – Johannesburg
Managing Director – Agriculture – Nairobi
Regional Director – Manufacturing – Nigeria
CFO – FMCG – Lagos
Finance Executive – Retail – Durban
Head of Product – Fintech Lagos
Managing Director – Fintech – Cape Town
We are continually working on many roles in addition to the ones above. So, if you’re in the market, please make sure we have your CV so we can match you to opportunities as they arise.
Mercer Africa HR Summit
Out & About
Seamless Africa

Seamless Southern Africa is the region’s leading payments, fintech, banktech, and insuretech conference and exhibition. The conference brought together the region’s leading technology professionals and offered fascinating insights on the future of tech on the continent.

Faye Tessendorf (Homecoming Revolution Managing Director) & John Ondicho (Business Development Lead, Digital Financial Services & Mobile Payments at KCB Bank Group)

Bade Adesemowo (Deputy Group Head Bincom) & Faye Tessendorf

Members of Nedbank’s Card Team & Faye Tessendorf

Aman Pal & Faye Tessendorf

Creativity Wake Up

Creativity is becoming an increasingly necessary tool in searching and headhunting top executive talent.

The Homecoming Revolution team recently attended the unique Creativity Wake Up Workshop hosted by Nina Pearse and Celia Falkenberg at Victoria Yards in Johannesburg. It was a fascinating practical day where we honed our skills in mind-mapping, left-field strategies and creative connectivity patterns.

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