Mar 29

Chief Executive Officer at WETHINKCODE

Nyari Samushonga has joined South African tech institution WeThinkCode as CEO, February 2019.

Nyari will be responsible for building on the success of WeThinkCode by driving sustainable expansion across Africa. With over 16 years of experience as a business leader, digital strategist and financial consultant in South Africa, the United States, Tanzania and Zimbabwe she has the depth and breadth of experience to leverage.

When asked what appealed to her about the opportunity with WeThinkCode, she said the role encompassed a number of things she is passionate about.

“This role presents an opportunity to make an impact on the technological landscape of Sub-Saharan Africa. We are looking to continue to revolutionise the learning pathways that close the digital skills gap while at the same time addressing the problem of gender and racial inclusivity in the sector.”

Nyari said since joining, it’s been a highly exciting and interesting challenge.

“WeThinkCode is a globally recognisable and highly respected brand. It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of this work. I get to work with a team of passionate and talented people that are committed to making an impactful change.”

When asked about her experience working with Homecoming Revolution, Nyari said, “I have worked with Homecoming Revolution in two capacities, first when they headhunted me, and second when I employed their services in filling some key roles in WeThinkCode.

The team at Homecoming Revolution builds meaningful relationships with both the talent and the company. This enables them to facilitate brilliant matches by understanding the nuanced needs on both sides.”

Prior to WeThinkCode, Nyari ran her own software consulting company alongside two partners. Before this, she was the Managing Director of the African office of global technology firm, Thoughtworks. In her earlier career, she spent 10 years working for Deloitte in Harare and New York.