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December 2018 – Are you ready to switch off?

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In the age of technology, we constantly find ourselves “switched on”. But, a report by the Harvard Business Review says failing to switch off during a holiday can erode company culture. Read more below.

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The importance of “switching off” during a holiday

Taking time to “switch off” and recharge during a holiday is not a luxury but an absolute necessity in order to be effective in your career.

A recent report by the Harvard Business Review says that failing to switch off during a holiday break can actually erode company culture. The report showed that just 14% of managers unplug when they’re on vacation. At the most senior levels of leadership, a mere 7% do. The majority check in with work at least once a day. Failure to support switching off can lead to a less engaged and committed workforce with 4 in 10 employees who work in this kind of environment likely to be looking for a new job in 2019.

We put together 5 steps to actively help you recharge and refresh before the new year.

1. Plan ahead

Ensure you have a plan of action in place to complete outstanding work. Small amounts of work over a longer period of time is much less stressful and will prevent a huge backlog when you return.

2. Make comprehensive Handover Notes

It is important to tie up all loose ends before you go on holiday. Compile comprehensive handover notes and ensure you have delegated key tasks to your colleagues. Provide one of your colleagues with the relevant details should an emergency arise.

3. No Emails!

This can be a very difficult rule for many who are glued to their mobile phones on a daily basis. Switching off means taking a real break. Therefore, removing emails from your phone during your holiday is a valuable tool to help you truly recharge and rest.

4. Engage in a daily practice

Whether it’s a daily walk, yoga or reading a book, take the time to indulge in the things you don’t have time to do when you’re at work.

5. Relax

A study published in the journal Psychological Science suggests that sitting back and doing nothing can boost your skills, productivity and commitment.

For Employers – See Our Talent Hot List

Please contact our headhunters if you are interested in recruiting any of the following candidates:

South African EE Female – Senior Marketing Manager – Aviation
Kenyan Male – Commercial Finance Lead Sub-Saharan Africa – IT
South African EE Male – Head of Franchise Africa – Consumer Goods
Ugandan Female – General Manager Corporate Services – Tourism & Hospitality
South African EE Female – Country Manager Africa – FMCG
Rwandan Male – Head of Business Banking – Banking
Zambian Female – Head of Central Processing Unit – Banking
South African Male – Area Lead West Africa – Retail
Kenyan Male – Senior Vice President – Financial Services
South African Male – Global Head of Marketing – Fintech
Nigerian Male – Cyber Security Consultant – Computer & Network Security
South African EE Female – Senior Marketing Manager – Food & Beverage
Nigerian Female – Transformational Analyst – Investment Banking
South African EE Female – Digital Engagement Partner – Banking
Cameroonian Male – Group Technical Advisor – Banking
South African EE Male – Software Developer – Software Engineering
Kenyan Male – Senior Strategy & Investment Management – Investment Management
Nigerian Male – Senior Manager – Management Consulting
Kenyan Male – Chief Financial Officer – Telecommunications
Nigerian Female – Senior Digital Marketing Executive – Marketing & Advertising
South African EE Male – General Manager Operations – Food & Beverage
South African EE Male – Strategy Manager – Banking
Kenyan Male – Executive Director – International Trade & Development
South African EE Male – Executive New Business Development – Transportation & Logistics
South African EE Female – Head of Client On-Boarding – Banking
Nigerian Male – Senior Marketing Manager – Advertising
Kenyan Male – Biomedical Scientist – Pharmaceutical
Rwandan Male – Country Head – Financial Services
South African EE Male – Country Consumer Channel Manager – Computer Software
Nigerian Female – Brand & Commercial Leader – Consumer Goods

Africa Outlook 2019
A Selection of Job Opportunities

CIO – FMCG – Cape Town
Finance Exec – Retail – Durban
Commercial Executive – Agriculture – Harare
Head of Category – Food & Bev Johannesburg
Category Director – Consumer Electronics Johannesburg
General Counsel – Retail – Johannesburg
Commercial Director – Food & Beverage – West Africa
Country Manager – Agriculture – Maputo
Technical Manager – Agriculture – Harare
Country Manager – Fintech – Lagos
Managing Director – Fintech – Cape Town
Chief Operating Officer – Textiles – Johannesburg
Group Company Secretary – Professional Services – Johannesburg
Country Manager – Financial Services – Nairobi
Country Manager – Agriculture – Dar es Salaam
Sales Director – Fintech – Nairobi
CEO – Manufacturing – Johannesburg
Head of Business Development – Fintech – Johannesburg
Group Tax Executive – Professional Services – Johannesburg
CEO – Food & Beverage – Kampala
Managing Partner – Communications Firm – Johannesburg
Head of Digital – Retail – Johannesburg
Managing Director – Manufacturing – Johannesburg
Legal Director – Advisory – Johannesburg

We are continually working on many roles in addition to the ones above. So, if you’re in the market, please make sure we have your CV so we can match you to opportunities as they arise.
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