Dec 16

There’s a chance to create opportunities

Tijani Ogunlende moved to the US from Nigeria when he was 16 years old, but after 13 years in the US, he decided to move back to Nigeria in 2015.

“I was filling out the extension for my work permit, which I qualified for, and I just thought why am I doing this? It had been this long uphill battle when I had this other place I could go to and get my feet planted professionally and just in life,” he said.

Ogunlende now lives in the Nigerian capital Abuja where he combines his skills in web and graphic design. He says he’s found that his combination of skills is an uncommon mix in Nigeria compared to in the US. Although he says there’s less appreciation for his mix of skills it’s also a less competitive job market than in the US, which he sees as a chance to create opportunities.

Source: Shorthand Social