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November 2018 – Is your talent pipeline ready for tomorrow’s workforce?


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With a talent crisis looming, thousands of employers across the globe are at risk of attracting and retaining the talent they need to succeed. We outline why a robust talent strategy is your best weapon for the future world of work. Read more below.

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Is your talent pipeline ready for tomorrow’s workforce?
Employers across the globe are simply not doing enough to ensure their talent attraction and retention strategies are ready for the future world of work.

According to PwC’s 2018 Workforce of the Future report – Preparing for Tomorrow’s Workforce Today, while the majority of businesses recognise which capabilities are important for their future success, many are failing to take the actions needed today to build or even introduce them into their organisations.

Angel Jones, CEO at Homecoming Revolution, employers need to do these 3 key things in order to be future ready.

1. Interrogate the Job Description

Companies of the future will require very different skills and capabilities in order to succeed in the rapidly evolving workplace. Employers need to do a deep dive on their organisation’s future talent requirements and stop re-hashing old job descriptions.

2. Be Agile & Adaptable

In order for employers to remain competitive, they need to ensure they are agile and adaptable to change both from a technological and organizational perspective. “Instead of being really good at doing some particular thing, companies must be really good at learning how to do new things,” according to the Harvard Business Review.

3. Build a Solid Talent Pipeline

Technology will create new types of jobs and make others irrelevant, making it increasingly challenging to source, place and retain scarce skill talent. Forward thinking employers need to ensure they bridge current and future skills gaps as well as anticipate their future skills gaps by having a readily available pipeline of talent. Organisations also need to plan and invest in training and current employees.

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For Employers – See Our Talent Hot List
Please contact our headhunters if you are interested in recruiting any of the following candidates:

South African EE Male – Sales Director Africa – Power Management
Kenyan Male – Senior Strategy & Investment Management – Investment Management 
Nigerian Male – Senior Manager – Management Consulting 
Kenyan Male – Chief Financial Officer – Telecommunications
South African EE Female – Digital Engagement Partner – Banking 
South African EE Female – Chief of Staff – Financial Services 
Nigerian Male – Chief Operating Officer – Consumer Goods 
South African EE Male – Software Developer – Information Technology
South African EE Female – Product Owner – Banking 
Nigerian Female – Senior Digital Marketing Executive – Marketing & Advertising
South African EE Male – General Manager Operations – Food & Beverage
Kenyan Male – Head of Operations – NGO
South African Female – Senior Marketing Manager – Tourism & Hospitality
Ghanaian Male – Chief Financial Officer – Financial Services
South African Male – Digital Transformation Specialist – Information Technology 
Kenyan Male – Head Revenue Assurance – Financial Services
South African EE Male – Strategy Manager – Banking
Nigerian Female – VP Strategic Partnerships – Information Technology
Kenyan Male – Executive Director – International Trade & Development 
South African EE Male – Executive New Business Development – Transportation & Logistics 
Ugandan Female – Manager Finance & Business Operations – Telecommunications
South African EE Female – Head of Client On-Boarding – Banking 
Nigerian Male – Senior Marketing Manager – Advertising 
Kenyan Male – Biomedical Scientist – Pharmaceutical
South African EE Male – Country Consumer Channel Manager – Computer Software 
Nigerian Female – Brand & Commercial Leader – Consumer Goods

Africa Outlook 2019
A Selection of Job Opportunities
General Counsel – Retail – Johannesburg
Commercial Director – Food & Beverage – West Africa
Country Manager – Agriculture – Maputo
Country Manager – Fintech – Lagos
Managing Director – Fintech – Cape Town
Chief Operating Officer – Textiles – Johannesburg
Group Company Secretary – Professional Services – Johannesburg
Country Manager – Financial Services – Nairobi
Country Manager – Agriculture – Dar es Salaam
Sales Director – Fintech – Nairobi
CEO – Manufacturing – Johannesburg
Head of Business Development – Fintech – Johannesburg
Group Tax Executive – Professional Services – Johannesburg
CEO – Food & Beverage – Kampala
Managing Partner – Communications Firm – Johannesburg
Head of Digital – Retail – Johannesburg
Managing Director – Manufacturing – Johannesburg
Legal Director – Advisory – Johannesburg
Business Development Director: Africa – Fintech – Nairobi/Lagos
We are continually working on many roles in addition to the ones above. So, if you’re in the market, please make sure we have your CV so we can match you to opportunities as they arise.
Out & About
National Business Awards 2018

The 2018 National Business Awards recognise the success, innovation and ethics of South African companies and organisations across all industry sectors. A gala dinner was held at Emperors Palace to celebrate this year’s award winners. Homecoming Revolution CEO was part of this year’s judging panel.

Gareth Cliff (South African radio & television personality) & Faye Tessendorf (Homecoming Revolution Managing Director)

Mickey Mashale (CEO Enterprise Sales at Vodacom)

Faye Tessendorf, Tshepiso Phosa (CEO of Milviforce Puma), Bonang Mohale (CEO Business Leadership SA) & Angel Jones (Homecoming Revolution CEO)

The event’s MC Nico Panagiotopoulos (SA Actor & Businessman) with Angel Jones

GIBS Foresight 2019

The Gordon Institute of Business Science’s Foresight 2019 examined the fundamentals, opportunities, inherent weaknesses and prospects for South Africa in 2019. Panelists were asked to share insights into the factors shaping the coming year and discussed possible implications for executives and businesses in South Africa.

Nargis Geni (CEO Future Africa Consulting) & Thulani Nzima (CEO SA Tourism)

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