May 26

Returning Home: The good, the bad & the ugly

Andrew and Mikaela Donkersloot-Daniel and their family made the decision to return to South Africa. Andrew speaks about the highs and lows associated with their return – warts and all.

Its been two months since Mikaela and I jumped on that plane from Heathrow with our beautiful girls to Cape Town and what a rollercoaster of a journey it has been so far.

We’ve gone from two-minute noodles that required a kettle to be cooked to three course meals on our new SMEG oven.  We’ve gone from not knowing anyone to attending social events and being invited to kid’s birthday parties. We’ve witnessed the swift change of season from the worst drought for a century to a rainfall that could fill an Olympic sized swimming pool in minutes and the biggest change of all, living in a bubble as a family for 24 hours a day, seven days a week when we were more used to catching up for an hour a night after hectic days working in the big smoke.

Easy? Not quite!!

Everyone back in the UK asks us how it is going regularly and you tend to give quite wishy-washy answers but those who know us best will always ask ‘How is it REALLY going?’

Well I am about to tell you, warts and all, on how it’s REALLY going right now whilst also breaking my golden blog rule of not using sub-headings but as the title intimates, this may well be the only way to tell you.

It also has to be taken into consideration that we, myself especially, are coming to live in somebody else’s culture under somebody else’s rules so that has to be respected whether we like all of those rules and idiosyncrasies or not.

They are just my thoughts and frustrations and others may well not see certain things the way that I do so I am therefore trying to adapt to these things and certainly not trying to change them.

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