Nov 29

Chief Operations Officer at GENERATOR & PLANT HIRE

Anthony Sibanda is thriving in his role as Chief Operating Officer of Generator and Plant Hire, one of the market leaders in South Africa in emergency power generation.

The core focus of his role is on day-to-day running of the business and day-to-day operational responsibilities and efficiencies.

Anthony says he has always enjoyed being part of initiatives that deliver value through problem-solving.

“The role at Generator and Plant hire works behind the scenes to keep a number of businesses operational through the short-term rental of diesel generators. From cell phone masts, refrigerated food trucks, outdoor events and entire residential suburbs, our activities affect millions of people daily.”

He says a highlight of this role is driving the business forward.

“Sitting at the wheel of this 27-year-old business and steering it into the future calls on every instinct, lesson and experience my 25 year career has taken me though.”

Asked how he finds Homecoming Revolution, Anthony comments, “Unlike your traditional recruitment firms that look to place a candidate and earn a commission, Homecoming take time to first understand your personality, strengths and aspirations. Only after that do they match you to what opportunities talk to you, and that match is spot on”.

Prior to his time at Generator and Plant Hire, Anthony was Executive Director Business Development for Emcom Wireless. He has also sat on numerous boards including the University of Johannesburg’s Faculty of Engineering and the South African Maritime, Defence and Aerospace Education and Development Foundation