Oct 29

What you must know & do before moving back to Nigeria

Homecomer Demi Akin provides some useful tips to consider when planning a return to Nigeria

While settling in for me has been quite easy and stress free, I must admit that I can understand and relate to why some people find the process of moving back home quite difficult and stressful.

Some people think the biggest challenge for people moving back from the ‘Western’ world to Nigeria is the Weather but to be honest the biggest challenge is in fact the culture shock. Yes! Culture shock. Now that might seem weird considering that if you are said to be moving back home, then you should be moving back to your original ancestral land and in most cases the place you grew up. Nevertheless for someone coming from a society that’s quite different to the Nigerian setting, it is indeed a massive change, even if you’ve been there for a few years.

Culture refers to so many different aspects and doesn’t mean the tradition of the people in this context, but refers to the way of life, the way people address each other, something as simple as customer service experience, how banks operate, internet availability, where to hangout and so on.

Here’s what I did and a few tips I believe will help anyone planning to move back.
#1 Visit often

Visiting the place or area you intend to move to, drastically helps make the process less difficult. Not only do you become more familiar with your surroundings but you also become very familiar with the lifestyle of the people in that area. This helps a lot because once you make the final move, you are no longer a stranger to the environment and you’ll blend in.

#2 Make plans

When moving home or to any foreign land, it is always important to make some sort of plan. What exactly are you going to do when you get there? Look for a job? Which companies do you want to apply to? Do you plan to study? What course and where? Are you starting a business? What’s your business plan? Are you a blogger planning to make it as a full time job? How are you going to do so? Are you moving back for NYSC? How does the application process work?

Plans must be thought through and made. Once you’ve made a plan, then make a plan B,C and D as well because things don’t always go as planned and especially in Nigeria, it tends to be the case.

#3 Be prepared financially

That’s all I’m going to say #lol

#4 Be Mentally Prepared

Before moving, make sure you have begun the process of mental reorientation. I’m not saying change yourself or your principles, but come with a mindset that’s a lot more open and ready to relearn a few things. Just the same way you left home and had to learn to do things differently, in the same vein, you will need to learn to do things a bit differently once again.

#5 Enjoy the process

Yes, it can be scary sometimes. Yes, it can be fraustating. Yes it can be a lot of things… but the best way to go through any new phase of life is to ensure you try your best to make the most of it. Always look at the brighter side and the positive aspect.