Apr 26

‘You can never plan your return perfectly’

My name is Obi Ozor. I was born and raised in the farming village of Abor in Enugu state. I was admitted into Sacred Heart Seminary Nsude, but my education was interrupted when I discovered that I had second stage Kidney failure. I would battle this for four years.
After surviving Kidney failure, I relocated to Michigan, in the United States, where I would continue my education. I completed High school and went to the University of Michigan where I study Biochemistry.

While in school, I started to run a profitable haulage business in Nigeria that employed 11 people. This was the beginning of my experience with running a business in Nigeria. I had always thought that Medicine was my calling, but this was soon challenged by my professor. He asked me why I went into medicine and soon told me that if it was to help people, then being a successful business man would be a more efficient route. He reminded me that Bill gates has saved more lives than any Doctor. After this challenge, I decided to abandon medicine despite the resistance from many individuals in my life.

I moved to Philadelphia and obtained a degree from the Wharton School of Business.
After Wharton, I worked at J.P. Morgan as an investment banker, before moving back to Nigeria as Director of Operations – Uber Nigeria. After my awesome time at Uber, my partner and I launched Kobo,a logistics platform, to support the eCommerce growth in Africa.

As much as you might be planning your return, you can never plan it perfectly. So, start now to refine your ideas repeatedly. Ensure that it will survive the Nigeria realities – seek for criticism from people in the industry.

Source: MBTN